Sevilla FC: the ancient languages ​​will tell us …

The day will come when Sevilla lose the Europa League final; The season in which Sevilla do not qualify (this may be) for European competition will arrive; The year will come when his greatness may be trampled upon, by himself or by strangers; Or, even, there will come a time when the magic that has lived for 17 years will be just a distant memory in those people’s memories

which they enjoyed like children (and poisoned those who came from behind) every time their team looked to a final match and lifted the title with the absolutism typical of kings of another century. Like those fathers who unfortunately no longer exist and were told in the third person (grandfather said…)

Striker Stuka hurt, Juan Arza goals and Ramon Encinas’ genius

. Because legends are built over time. And Seville signed an epic work worthy of any great production, even better if it was literary. Because it doesn’t make sense

Seven out of 17 were raised

; Because it is not possible that every time he reaches the quarter-finals he becomes a champion; For it was beyond all rationality that a club embroiled in colossal chaos miscalculated two months earlier, with a relegation gun loaded at its frail heart, was able to recover in such a way as to once again reign in Europe. to rule! For Mourinho, history should have no weight in the final. Of course he has. It always is.

Giralda stands proud for a reason. The city of Seville gave it its name for an obvious reason. In his defense there will always be that band (“the best”) of gorgeous lunatics who weep today with uncontrollable joy.

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. for expelling him at that time the shrunken nerve of suffering which new generations felt for the first time. You also learn from bad drinks. And to prove to the world that Seville should never be left for dead. And look, you don’t learn… from one to seven. It doesn’t cost much either. Sevilla clung on with all their hearts in the Europa League,

The true belief that love (no one loves it like Seville) is the main driver of ultimate happiness

. Some ancient language, 50 years from now, will have to tell us what this team did. And the former ones who were full of true passion, those followers who had heard but little of the great battles, and of which so little was documented in those times past. You can always see Puerta’s goal again, penalties scored by Palop or Beto, Reyes’ pass in Warsaw, Coca-Cola’s brace, Chile’s kick by Diego Carlos. You don’t have to imagine it.

Although it is always better to remember those who experienced it in the first person. There lies the secret of this Seville. It’s his magic formula. This legacy of irrepressible rebellion exploding across every Europa League. Only a fool would detract from this competitive brutality

. Only a poor man with a competitive spirit would ignore a planetary achievement. Only a foreigner would not know the greatness of Sevilla which has as many European titles in its competition as the letters that bear its name. Let them not say it was a dream. Not even seven.

The dream is to embrace the mantle holding a shield between white and red.

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. The dream is to defend Seville, as someone once said, to the death. And even beyond. The dream is to light up the life next door. And Seville never stops doing that. Football magic.

And what to say about Mandilbar. his first final. Destiny owes all the humble trainers who represent this human category.

. He did everything the game needed. He wanted victory and didn’t mind losing it even on penalties. The final match seemed eternal to his team. He didn’t have any strength left. You had to trust the goalkeeper with the faintest smile and giant heart named Bono. His time in the season should have come, too. Many of the outstanding accounts are among the most infamous years of this century. It was a “well, now you’ll find out” first. Sevilla continues to win hearts.

Mandelbar has absorbed his idiosyncrasies and has not declared aloud what a cry he is: that he is staying in Nervin

. He put Sevilla ahead. always. Even football awarded him that unparalleled medal. No one loves it like Sevilla, and indeed, like Mendelbar. Don’t forget that night in Budapest at the beginning of the month. Short sleeve and tracksuit. Teach that football is not won by bad arts or letters sweetened in protocol schools. When you’re really, really going, life always gives you the best part. Seven. Yes, seven. Even counting slowly becomes exhausting, as he goes over each date and competitor for the seven finals.

A king does not need a kingdom. He needs that group of loyal crazy people who travel the world to accompany him

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. and that blood runs white and red when someone tears it apart “the ancient languages ​​say…”. Languages ​​of all time will tell us that a club that lacked the means to win a European title became the most ruthless dominators in history. They never lose definitively. And so it went on. Not that the Champions League can be too big for him, it’s just that the Europa League is his home and he will stay there forever.

In your heart. The person behind the shield. The one who will be defeated (now) seven times a minute until the end of his days. Seville glory is with you


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