Sevilla FC: Seville, Fenerbahçe host luxury in honor of the Turkish people

Andhe Seville It is a club that always pays attention to the smallest details, whether with its people or with the visitor, trying to make… The experience of visiting Snchez-Pizjun annually, or even once in a lifetime, remains in the retina of the representatives of the various clubs who come with a healthy sporting competition to face the Andalusian team. And there are moments when Nervin Club, through his team Ceremonial department-Gives a twist to the board meeting before games and turns it into a file unforgettable experience. That’s exactly what I tried with it. Fenerbahee Wednesday evening, with whom he wanted to entertain Treating at the highest level in honor of all Turkish peopleI was deeply affected by what happened a few weeks ago due to the terrible earthquakes that hit the south of the country.

For this very reason, from Seville Event index at the top of the pageAs the gates of the city itself had to be opened for the Istanbul delegation to enjoy. Dinner at Capitana General, next to Plaza de España, in a charming enclave in the city of Seville and near the Nervionense Coliseum itself. It was the leaders of Fenerbahçe Surprised and happy before this sample from Courtesy and affectionBeside symbiosis by Seville. Even its president, Ali Kuo, the important businessman who was going to attend the meeting on the day of the match with his private plane, I decided to apply for the trip to attend said event. all pleased.

And it is that the Nervin club offered Fenerbahy the same deal that it is trying to obtain big clubs or at very special events. I opened a file royal palace to visit Manchester United or Bayern in edition 2018-19 championsWhere he reached the quarter-finals. In the same season it was given Manchester city with dinner in Plaza de España. “I don’t know what the outcome of tomorrow’s game will be, but for now At the official reception, Sevilla hit us with a landslide “I assure Vern Soriano, CEO, City. he Moscow Spartak He also toured the wine cellars of Jerez. Seville used to be an ideal host, with the perfect city for it.

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