Sevilla FC: prepare the best squad

R was found.looked at Juventus stadiumwhile the stands were getting darker (less in A A little bit of cheese where red was dominant), which was interpreted by Sevilla fans and ended up becoming popular in Draw against United In Sanchez Pizgon. “Here’s the best band, here we go again…”. A catchy song about wanting to meet again with a team called Sevilla, which last night left half of Europe speechless while subduing Juventus, a kind of broken game in their hands in the first half. where Gentleman in track pants and Zaldvar short sleeve shirt To be more specific, he gave a lesson on how to put a team on the field to a coach with a proven track record and high salary like Allegri. And well dressed. Lies and half-truths of this world called football, where you don’t have to think that everything is done until the final whistle. because Cruelty continually approaches merit. The friendly face of Old Trafford has been transformed, by that divine justice which always tends to white and red, into Kick in the stomach turn. What difference does it make? What a good day. It does not enter into the head that a draw is better than a victory. It is not logical. But depending on the moments and life circumstances, it can be used to find the perfect way to beat the draw. I remember the defeat at Euroderby 2014, which probably hit the right key for everything that comes next, the goal (of course) in return.Zero confidence. full hope. Mendelbar is of the same mind. He loves gorillas Widespread. He wants another exciting night, lest it last too short, despite his weekly soccer lessons. The best squad has already warned you that blood red is out there, and that it will be the color of war for Thursday. Eye that Juventus is coming. Best said, come whatever. The sanatorium opens its doors.

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“How long have I missed you, today I finally see you again.” The song, performed in unison by the Seville band, continues as you grab a neighbor’s shoulder to bounce rhythmically. ecstasy. agitation. The illusion that overflows. The desire to win and more to celebrate. Snchez-Pizjun will break any record next Thursday. They are the semi-finalists! The call has already been placed. Because this Sevilla team doesn’t deserve a second chance, rather The dressing room made this kind of miracle, he couldn’t be left without company even for a minute. without holding his hand. In the same way that the Shield clings to the Europa League whose defense is the monopoly of Sevilla, the fans have been key when it comes to backing up a corpse left on the shore of a beach. Because the atmosphere of tension and full support of the day Getafe, Cadiz or Almeira, with a fear stuck in his gut, now gives way to that moment he had lived through so many times and strangely forgotten. No fault. A question about the passage of time. What happens happens This Cologne thing was tough. Victory itch. The stalls are deserted for that reason “Today I finally came to see you.” Distance or final farewells to your loved ones force you to do an exercise in hard to recreate those memories that wear out, overlap and mix, leaving you feeling uncomfortable.. You need the contact. That message they told you when you were a baby and now you’re breeding with your fearful son, that he inherited from you: “Dad’s in the next room, don’t worry.” Enjoy the European League. as far as possible. As usual. Everyone wants to win, but only the chosen ones enjoy the ride. Although, why lie? Once in the semi-finals, Budapest doesn’t look too far away for the Sevilla fan. The last date in Nervin will actually stay half of Seville for lunch on Thursday. Football and band, that’s all there is to it.

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“Let’s go to Seville, with heart.” very much. Everyone fits in the 40,000 person box at Snchez-Pizjun. That is why they will never be lost or lost. The team can rest easy. They will not go alone to a duel against an outdated and experienced warrior. No thinking about Hungary tickets. It’s the first step to eating it with potatoes. Support and enjoy stopping Bono; from Carreron de Navas; mopping with a bad head; Keep an eye out for Godele. from Soprado Aqua in theft and delivery; Fernando’s physician in placement; from a genius teacher named Evan; out of anger emanating from Ocampos; Lamella strength in compression. Soso ingenuity among cotton; Nusayri’s goals. Yes, his goals. It seems that their grip (fists) should be divided with some kind of aesthetics. What a beautiful goal. And how ugly it is to analyze it negatively. Among the opportunities that the Moroccan will take advantage of, will be the chances of Sevilla reaching the seventh European League final. He was able to leave Turn with his chest like a dove. Football denied him a supposed gesture, forcing him to rearm within six days. In Seville they let out a bad smile. A goal in the 97th minute should make you cry, not laugh. No one guarantees that Sevilla will reach the final. Neither of them won. It has simply proven that it is more of a team than Juventus. Or at least make the football arguments clearer. Because dribbling with your back to the grass and knowing how to keep up, you live happier. Thats all about it. Therefore, football is the engine of life, whose calendar runs from Thursday to Thursday. Let the best squad get ready. Thursday is minor. fat. You have gone from guest to host. Open the doors of your asylum. The zip jackets range from white to red. Don’t say Seville. That there is no one else insanely In love with the European League of t.

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