Sevilla FC: No one will love it like Sevilla, no one

“Here we are again…”. We return to the magical chant that accompanies Seville in this Historical European League. it’s not elegance, but she’s getting close. Feelings song. Of happiness. Of celebration and encouragement. From friends of peas. of grandparents and grandchildren. from that band color “With the heart …”. With the stands shaking and players jumping to the beat set by their fans. Once again Sevilla in a European final. In the year when there was (rightfully) a cry in the sky over the team’s dramatic attitude, they cried out again towards those thunderclouds that wanted to mar the Sevilla party. Not a muffled cry, but a cry of sheer happiness. To break down the mental barrier that sometimes prevents you from fully enjoying what you have achieved. The habit of success spoils and spoils reality. How many clubs would give an arm to consider a match like the one Sevilla played against Juventus?. I’m not even talking about reaching the final or touching the precious silver. It has become fashionable and for this reason it is less historical. More if possible. The more you repeat it, the more complex the feat.. She enjoyed it and suffered (it is an essential part of the last joy) as Nervin did not remember. Because the fan has already suffered for months, with a real fear of even the ghosts of relegation, so now His heart overflows with such gratitude that few can understand. It was not happiness, but a feeling of gratitude. Thanks to the efforts of some players who struggled to spread happiness to Sevilla. Bad half injured, touched Ocampos and Soso, until the magic bean handles; For a coach who has won, at the very least, the respect of European football and the unconditional love of the Sevilla fans. When a person is real, telling the truth and being real, all that remains is to applaud him (and thank him); To a club that hasn’t collapsed. He realized his mistakes, corrected them (finally in time) and again found the path to happiness for his loved ones. And to the stands. The Sevilla player is also grateful to himself and to those who wore red as passionate as he was. Joe Nervin is like no other. The memory will keep this European path forever.

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Grateful and suffered. Happiness is always mixed with a seemingly endless night’s rest.. Long hours waiting for the arrival of the meeting, with a gorillamento Borderline sick, so that the comeback against Juventus was the biggest possible dose of drama for everyone who wears the other color of his shield on the streets of Seville. If defeat is hard to digest, then victory is no less so, no matter how paradoxical it may sound.. Not even the last referee’s whistle unleashed that knot in the stomach. After suffering there is only liberation, so that, with the passage of time, a smile accompanies the Sevilla player in the next few days. They will be easy to spot at the supermarket, at the school gate, or while pouring petrol. His team gave them another final. The legend of Sevilla continues to grow, along with the legend of its stars. a hug Rakitic and Jess Navas With tears in his eyes, immortalized by the club itself, should adorn the screensavers of half of the offices in Andalusia’s capital. Seeing a professional cry, just like at the time I was able to check it out (among the few) in Cologne with the epidemic title, makes it possible Half of Seville’s charm can be explained in Europe. Because the mind is elusive when delving into a secret a club that has turned the extraordinary into everyday life; Galilee in the near future. Happiness in the habit. That its leader cannot utter a word because his heart pours out of his mouth with passion… Herein lies the true secret of Seville. In love with some colours. In devotion to the daily work and, above all, in that he never stops one’s feet. did not leave. Limits do not exist. Success for those who truly believe in it. Nobody believes as much as Sevilla does. “Nobody loves her like we do.” Nobody, but nobody, nobody, will want the Europa League as much as Sevilla does. Unconditional love is not a good night kiss. It’s respect for the competition when you really care about saving your ass in the league. Defending a jersey is a huge injury risk. It takes them three days to cheer on a weird, cool bleacher. You are convinced that fate wants to bring you back with her. He made an appointment with you in Budapest. Seville will not miss their date.

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And it remains We talk about legacy. Who left Seville and who occupied it and occupied its stands. The historic nights in Nervin have been remembered these days. How tightened up in this edition of the European League more than ever audience. How he threw an entire stadium and lifted his team up when they needed it most. Because the education of generations hides the secret of the eternal champion. How many of you looked up at the sky with the final whistle. a Endless hugs for those who put the blessed poison in his soul and life deprived him of those moments of happiness.. The person who is asked when the score is contradictory and his image appears in his mind when he glances at the shield of the shirt or scarf. The one who made it possible for the little one in the house to wake up today with a smile on his lips (and a sleepy face) remembers His first great night from Sevillismo. There is no doubt that the legacy is what sustains this dream called football. Budapest is another stop in the immense history of Seville. Another spear in the legend of the club that built its history with the pride of belonging, to shine at the present time with the precious silver of champions. Supported the previous six. Sisters have one from Hungary never feel lonely. And May 31 has not yet been glorified in the Seville calendar. The course started with a joke This can only be seen here. When the president accompanied the signatures with European titles in the Museum of Seville. To prolong this mockery outside the borders of Nervin neighborhood with “Let’s sing the anthem” From Monchi in Almería. It is ugly to say that he who laughs or smiles last does it best. It is not and should not be the Sevilla style. Time puts everyone in their rightful place. And Sevilla have made a pact with time so that their happiness, simply by supporting their team at Snchez-Pizjun, will be eternal. It’s his own madhouse and there will always be a king. European verbs are full of this unconditional love. TRUE. from the cradle. Nobody will love it like Seville. no one.

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