Sevilla FC: Monchi: “We think it’s over”

Munshi attended on Thursday morning From a European match to the official media, in a city that is not just Seville: Eindhoven. The city itself really brings back great memories, The beginning of what is still Seville. It is impossible for me to be here and not remember that, with a different Sevilla but laid the foundations for what has been achieved since then. When I get to the stadium, I look at where I saw the game, what the stadium was like that day… There are many memories. I prefer the first and the last because of the circumstances I went through but PSV was breaking the ice after many years without titles, and even more so in Europe. For any Sevilla player, this must be a historic moment in his life as a fan, ”said the sporting director.

Regarding the difficulties in tonight’s duel, Munshi was candid: “Of course I see them. Obviously a good result but not definitive, and even more so without the double value of away goals. Before, if you scored here, they had to score five for us, that’s not the case anymore. I imagine they will be pushed around by their fans and with the intention of getting into a tie as quickly as possible. Not forgetting that they have a stick there, Bono made several good saves and We suffered a lot in the first 20 minutes. We’d be wrong to think it’s all done.” He was also asked about the team’s post-market progression: “It’s very much like we had in mind. We didn’t plan well in the summer, we managed to adjust some things, and besides that, there are players who didn’t start well and are now performing at a very good level.. All of this helped bring the team closer to what we had in mind. The contribution of the master and the improvement of our physique also brings us closer to what Sevilla has to show, without being at our level.”

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Sevilla goal?

“Trying to that at nine o’clock we all go to the airport after a tie. After all we’ve suffered and been through, We have to aim to maintain the regularity we have in the match and the results and win the next match. There are 16 matches left, however We will do wrong if we forget what we suffered And where we saw each other, for this season and in the future.”

Al-Nusayri and his harassment

“With the losses that have occurred, the players out there have to play more and there are more chances of getting upset. He has a bit of ischic discomfort and doesn’t regulate himself, he gives it all up, and you have to be careful. At the top we are a little better than behind and we can take turns, but we have to be careful. Attackers are racheros. I scored 25 goals in my first season and it can’t be forgotten. He is the current person more than other years, but everything is based on lines and confidence. After the World Cup, he had a drive and a desire to contribute. There were movements and they didn’t want to leave. He and the team nailed it.”.

Lots of headgear

“It is a problem first of all. We have four defenders, or three, and one who can play there is injured. As often as you want to move the cards you have to repeat them. Godele will be there on Sunday and hopefully Rickick and Bud will be there as soon as possible.”.

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Gueye adaptation

“When a player arrives you have to give him room to adapt and he didn’t need it. But he only played three matches although the other day in Vallecas he had a great first half. Regarding its potential continuity, when the time comes you’ll see that there isn’t much improvisation involved. There are talks and agreements between the two teams.”

Eindhoven offensive power

Offensively, he has a lot of arguments, he attacks with a lot of people and I worry that we are not as solid as we should be. They arrive with many, they have a good one on one and both Silva and De Jong finish well. We have to put all of our senses into the game.”

Nepotism of Seville in the European League

“I make these statements to UEFA a month and a half ago. They asked me and I I always answer that Seville has to be my favourite. I know it’s risky to say nowadays, but if you’ve won it six times, you have to look forward to going as far as you can. It’s a very long competition and we don’t have points in LaLiga.”

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