Sevilla FC: Monchi: “This is not a slogan, no one likes it like us”

General Director of Sport in Seville, Monchi, He appeared in front of the media in a new European match this morning away from Ramon Sanchez Pizgon. Primarily, he highlighted his feelings before going to the semi-finals of the Europa League vs JuventusWe are on the eve of another European final, the seventh in 17 years I live it with the same intensity, enthusiasm, and the same nerves as we did before.because it is impossible to cure this disease that has the possibility of playing once and for all.” In this sense, he spoke of the desired outcome in reference to the words of the president upon his landing in Italy: “Let’s see how the game develops, Obviously, a tie is not a bad result. We have to compete, the team use its best weapons, be a compact team, and from there we’ll see how the game evolves.”

When assessing whether a team is expected to be in that position at this point in the season, I spoke truthfully and supported a team that deserved something like that, According to the San Fernando: “Honestly, no, but that’s also true We cannot forget the historical path of Seville in this century. The LaLiga results up to April overshadowed a lot of the good things we did, but every time we reached the final we won the Europa League and in the last 10 years we always made it past the round of 16… It’s true that the team’s poor performance in LaLiga made us doubt a lot about the project , but unexpectedly and Honestly, life gives you opportunities He also gives it to a team that deserves it for all they have suffered. He deserved a night as beautiful as today.” And as a nod to what he expects tonight, he highlighted the opponent’s keys: “Knowing Juventus, it will be difficult for us to score five goals. They give you few chances, make some mistakes and give you nothing, so everything we get we have to build on. Let’s hope we can be better defensively than Manchester, more in the return leg and we’ll see what happens. Then football surprises you when you least expect it. I worry about everything about Juventus, especially their individual quality because they have good players, I worry about their maturity and that on a tactical level, when they are involved, they are a very difficult team. That day he saw himself against Atalanta.”

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Seville stubbornness

“It’s too early to think about the final. The journey up to here has been complicated against teams with European traditions and Sevilla were superior in all qualifiers on aggregate. What we did has an advantageThe tour in LaLiga encouraged you to forget about the Europa League, but the club, the coaches who were there and the players did not leave the competition aside because they The same deserved to put Sevilla the best in everything he gave us. The fact that we haven’t given up its competitiveness because no one loves it as much as we do is not a slogan. So once again we are witnessing very beautiful sensations and Let’s see if we can upload the micro fat“.

Munshi future

“We’ve talked about it a lot and now we’re all focused on tonight’s game, on trying to play the final. Then we have to analyze everything, because This past month and a half cannot make us forget the other months we have not lived About what this entity requires of its leaders, above all I speak in the first person on behalf of the Director General of Sports.

2014 final turn

“The final against Benfica we came as a victim, in fact we suffered a lot. Sevilla has gained respect in Europe as this century has progressed, we have made love and a name for ourselves in European football. So much so that they take us as references. Being as we were in LaLiga, on the 18th and 19th this year, it’s not about bloating, but in general it’s a feeling of pride.”

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