Sevilla FC: Mendilibar: “Reaching the final will be the greatest thing I can do in football”

Jose Luis Mendelbar At the gates of heaven. It took him a month and a half to realize that his adventure in Seville It could end up in history, both for the club and for itself. Even more so for the Basque coach, who has never been so impressed final gatesand less European. “For this club, the European final means continuing what they have been doing in recent years. They reach the final almost every year, and when they do they usually win.”I started Mandilbar in an interview with the UEFA website.

“Living through a knockout game against Manchester United, and now against Juventus, another great team, I imagine it will be a very similar experience. Getting to the final will be the best thing I’ve ever done in football. I’ve done great things in other teams, but no greater than that.”, add that Zaldvar. He’s living a dream, after the Seville survival chapter closes. Now you can turn your attention to these semi-finals, which kick off in Turin on Thursday.

Recipe for your men

“This club has been playing in the Champions League or Europa League for 15 or 20 years. We have gone from thinking about relegation to thinking about winning the Europa League. What I do, and what I try to develop in my players, is that they only think about the next game and nothing more.”

I always say the same thing: I like that the players are happy in training. This is what I’m trying to achieve. I like that the players find the training fun, challenging, but fun. I don’t want you to be afraid of it or think you won’t enjoy it. When it comes to the game, I need other things. I’d rather play wide than play hard and play half the opposition instead of our half.“.

How was the match against United?

“They are not just a team. It’s not just the fact that it was my first experience in European competition, it’s also who we’re up against. The truth is, when we lost 2-0 in the first 20 minutes of the first leg, I was thinking: ‘What am I doing, standing here in front of 70,000 people? We’re losing 2-0’. It looked like they were going to score four goals and I couldn’t say anything because The players couldn’t hear me because of the noise. The truth is, it calms me down.”

The ins and outs of the method

“People paint me as a 4-4-2 coach, a coach who likes a direct style of play, who plays a lot in the opposite area, but… I want smart players. I want players who know how to play between opponents when it comes to defending, not against one. I don’t like duels. I like to anticipate duels. I don’t want them to run just for the sake of running. The best players are the ones who pop up and win the ball without having to work hard.”

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