Sevilla FC: Mendilibar: “It’s a great game that Sevilla is used to and I will learn from it”

José Luis Mendelbar is simplicity and sincerity make an elite coach. He does not hide the fact that this game is massive, to which Sevilla himself is more accustomed than as a coach. “It’s a big game that Sevilla are used to. I’m not much. The club and the players s. I will have to learn from them. Sevilla has become great in this competition. We have a nice challenge ahead. It’s the most interesting match as a coach in my career,” he admitted.Victories give you faith in what you’re doing, even if the game isn’t good. You see that the opponent is having a hard time creating chances for you and that boosts you. And if you hit four times and score two, even better. I hope tomorrow’s game will be a good game on our part and Playing against United“Add.

Respect Seville

In this competition, Seville is the biggest. He is more respected abroad than at home. Let’s see the players recover. The competitor’s name is not scaryBut when they are on the grass. In the meantime, let’s think about ourselves and then think about her.

How is the team?

“The players are fine. We recovered well. We had two fair sessions. Especially since you are mentally involved in the game. It would be good for us to be together to be in the game.”

Seville Options

“We start at 50% each. You watch the first hour of the Manchester game and think what will happen to you. But football changes little by little. They don’t score more goals. The goals are own goals, but we spend a lot of time in the opposite area, the rebounds or Our quality is on our side.”

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United victims

“Until they get out of the lineup, I’m not going to think about who’s going to play. You’re pushing the players to recover and then maybe they’re not quite fit. We also do that sometimes and maybe our players are missing something. A test is the official match. The team that serves will be very good.”

The weather is in Nervin

“I’m looking forward to what it’s going to be like. The stadium is at its best. And at all times the players support. The illusion is there. This competition for a Sevilla player is unlike any other you see on the street”.

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