Sevilla FC: Mendilibar: “I’m not asking the players about square roots, but about addition and subtraction”

Andhe Seville I played tomorrow scroll to him Seventh Final affiliate European League. In the previous six champions were declared. The mystic of Nervion in her idol tournament was accompanied by a morrow Nice weather in it Sanchez Bizgon to wait Juventus. Everything is red. Jose Luis Mendelbar expects a different game than the one played in the previous match against Manchester United. “The most important difference is that we played very well against Juventus in the first match, not against United, but the result was the same, a draw. Playing the other day gives us confidence that we can play well here at home.”

one of Zaldivar It is not clear what Juventus wait tomorrow. “I don’t know how they will turn out. Whether they will wait for us or not, but I don’t think they give us the ballThey will also want to hurt us with the ball. If we are right when pressed, Defending the ball outWe’ll have our choices. If we’re playing a more direct game and expecting a showdown, you’ll have to be patient, too. Patience but without comprehension and the rhythm of the game”

How do you manage this party?

“Calmly face to face, without driving the players crazy. We did like any other game, today we see something from the opponents. We played a week ago against them, we have something completely new and we don’t have to impress too much. We are more worried about ourselves.”


“It’s not about the players, I don’t know about the fans. I train, from there I come home, I feel calm, I don’t get crazy looking at things, neither now nor in another match. Euphoria People seem fine to me, but neither the players nor the equipment technicians have gone mad.”

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Juventus with four or five behind them?

“I’m sure I think about it a lot less than you. The person who handles it is the ball for defense and attack. You give them certain guidelines but I don’t drive the players crazy, we’re not that kind of coaching staff, Gatti and Bremer are there and they’re two important pieces. It should They play if they want with three central defenders.”

What key did he touch to revive the team?

“This doesn’t touch a key, that’s going to be easy, you touch them all and you’re right. Player confidence in coaching for example, what we’re asking people are not square roots, they’re addition and subtraction, and if you do it well you have a lot to gain” if we’re going to do With very difficult things, it is also difficult because it is good and players have seen that simplicity also pays off. Sometimes they want to make it hard and remember how they used to be and they know they’re not stupid.”

Lopetegui, Emery, and now Mendilibar. What does the Basque have with Seville?

“The first is tomorrow and if we qualify we will talk about the final. Since I’ve been training in the first division, we’ve always trained Basque coaches, there will be something. I don’t know, without having to juggle, and that works well for us, I don’t know what he can do. “In Santander’s league, prime minister. We’ll have something or the teams have the chance. We’ll be happy to reach the final and win the seventh game but you have to respect Juventus a lot. You go there and you see all the trophies they have and they’re stuck in your head.”

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