Sevilla FC: Marcao is injured again, and tests will take place tomorrow

thein picture marked In the match against united It was a picture of ruin. The Sevilla player was limping practically from the start and the goal was not achieved. half an hour The game when the center back puts his hand on The back of the right thigh And he threw himself on the grass, putting his hands to his face. and can not go on so so I walked into his place Gudeli To occupy the Brazilian position in defense. marked He left crying and this is him ordeal with injuries This season seems to have no end.

“We don’t know fixed however We think that’s what he had. I hope it won’t be a big problem. Gave it before, then felt more, seemed to be fine, I played a game and part of another without noticing anything and having a look. I hope there will be nothing,” he commented after the match mandelbar. The president was more pessimistic Jose Castro: “It’s broken again, we have to do the tests tomorrow but I’m afraid of the worst“.

It is the n Marcao blight since his arrival Seville. Defender arrived injured in the summer And Jorge Sampaoli He made his debut, anticipating his return due to team emergencies in the face of their losses in the backcourt. He relapsed from his country Why is it? in it Right biceps And it had to pass operations room. This was the third consecutive match for the Brazilian after playing in it Old Trafford And you have minutes in ValenciaAnd it collapsed again.

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