Sevilla FC: Mandelibar’s fantastic response to his continuity

Jose Luis Mendelbar Featured in the important match preview of tomorrow Before Juventus in it Sanchez Bizgon. The winner will receive their pass to The grand finale affiliate European League in Budapest. Basque’s work since arriving at the Nervionense seat has been impeccable, which is why he has been questioned again by her future. This was his response:Where’s Munshi? pressure ask them. From the start I signed for three months and was happy. Some of you throw your hands to your head in thought “This idiot has been here for three months, this guy is dead here and no, they were completely alive. What I care about is finishing well. If we do things right and Seville do not wantTo make sure that They will call on the other hand And If not, we would have already been out of work another timeBasque joked.

Manchester City – Real Madrid live broadcast

simplicity mandelbarHis nature and friendliness also leaves unique moments in press conferences. I also joked with so so And when they alluded to his years in training, he replied “I don’t know if that leaves me bad or good, eh,” winking at the press just as they asked him about Ocampos, Soso and Bad state. Tomorrow you will see who is playing or not, what You’re asking me to align for that Bagini. There is doubt, but I’m the one who should risk it after I’ve spoken to them.”

regarding appointment collegiate Dutch morning makleyYour answer is not lost either. “I don’t know who it is. Now I know what it is and I know what I said and I will not now look at the cards he has drawn nor anything like that. shake hand If we meet before the game, I blow the whistle as best as I can.”

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