Sevilla FC: Look at it head-on

themodern society Negation of the word believes To understand that it is a thing of the past. A belief that needs to be banished, as if it were a belief in something negative or contagious. Quite the opposite. There is no verb Full of life, love and desire. Faith is what gets you up every morning, believing that you will live a new and better day; the one who helps you take the children to school, in the belief that you are giving them a good education; Doing sports or eating healthy, thinking that you will enjoy iron health … A thousand examples where the word believe is on the first page of our vital dictionary. This also applies to those who consider themselves to be supporters of Sevilla. They always thought their team was great, without seeing them reach the final in decades. It was the legend that they were told in their ancestral homes and that such talk could never be false. Until it appeared that a competition called the UEFA Cup had changed the history of beliefs. Even Sevilla did not forget to call it the European League What was the river of happiness where we bathe forever. believe you can if you try; Believe that no one can beat you on your court; Think the strong won’t be able to stop your way to changing the number on your shirt sleeve; We think the shield weighs so much that it doubles your value in the turf; And you believe that the European League is your mother, sister or daughter. He is from your family. You groom and pamper her as if she had your blood, because she does. You believe in it. She believes in you. And it may continue like this for the rest of your life..

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Historic victory over United in Sanchez Pizgon Asylum He has a dose of belief that can never be forgotten. Even the most pessimistic (and even jinxed) fan or player who made a disgusted face when they saw a tie stops believing it. Nervin donned a sailor’s suit on his seventh birthday. Dress this white princess for the special first day of childhood’s last labor. There is no being in the world whose eyes sparkle when he believes in something. Today he believes in Seville. Don’t stop doing that. Not even in the toughest season in two decades until the night of April 20th. His sincerity is the science to which the project clings aimlessly. Because of the way he believed, the hand of hope appeared. And when Seville wakes up. No infidel knows how to stop it. Sevilla when you think he is unstoppable.

Explain how it could be that a month and two days ago Sevilla fell humiliatingly to Getafe and last night. Overcoming Manchester United is not easy. Nothing of mysticism, esotericism or bagpipes for those looking for the fast track to excuse their lot of pain. Sevilla had plenty of elements to be the team seen in Sanchez Pizgon against United who had nothing to do since before getting off the bus. The Sevilla players would have shown that their terrible season was not the only culprit. That the arrival of a loyal and industrious hand like Mandilbar could set them off. Ocampos put pictures of Soccer or Maradona on his social networking sites. Soso from the clocks running at full speed, wishing it would be time for the match; And bad from some of their hairstyles and smiles. Even al-Nusairi ended Ramadan away, which he will never forget. A night of soaring on the grass of Nervin, watered white with a kind of snow that coagulates between ecstasy and happiness. Continuous encouragement to complete the team’s integration and stand in one being. Seville, ravaged by its own ghosts a month ago, has awakened where it was most unexpected and most wanted. A competition that undoubtedly feels like its own, but European greats have also found joy. The infernal road to Budapest might make you think it wasn’t the year for Seville, it’s better to get off at the next stop. Until the eleventh hour Mendilibar Extra at Old Trafford had alluded to it. And the tie is almost done. It always stays in the Europa League Another life for his king. To dethrone him, you have to chop off his head. Otherwise, he will turn his kingdom into an insane asylum where You can only be safe by asking for mercy. He never gives it to you.

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Plugged in, gritty, physical and uncommon, Seville is closer to the great Seville of the century than it looks. He may not have that star that shines above the rest, but he does have the complexion of a giant team, with each one representing the role of a gladiator who’s been around for a long time. He fights for his honor more than payday. To save his life and the lives of his comrades. To give his enthusiastic fans every last breath of life. The happiness and devotion of Sanchez Pizgon’s fans can only be understood by looking at the pain he’s been through for months, believing, yes, that he can find his bones in the second division.. His rival appeared on the horizon, who was first looked at with a nod less affectionate than usual. Like that good friend you broke up with because of stupidity and it’s hard to throw her on the floor to re-embrace that friendship that will last a lifetime. He beat PSV with some pain. I have endured the Turkish hell of Fenerbahçe. Not even taking tours that would open the drawer of European memories. The victory at Mestalla was just that Angorilla For a hobby that longs to be noticed. That his city saw him shout to heaven how much he loves his Seville.

The rest is history. An unforgettable and one might say almost unparalleled night within the walls of Sanchez Pizgon. Now that there has been talk of building a new stadium on the bones of the existing one, the match against United will certainly come to mind as an example of what Sevilla feels like, and how to help the team find the path to success. Those white rains of feelings that left a great world in an almost team of children, no matter how chopped Casemiro did not want to understand him. If he invites Sevilla to drink at Old Trafford, good old Mandelbar will have to pay for part of the tour. He will give us his booth number. Luck Seville said… Seville’s fortune is the love and respect of a competition far superior to its rivals. Sevilla’s luck is to have such a brave and committed team. It’s Sevilla’s luck to have staff (like Munchi) crying happily to make those who feel like him happy. Sevilla is fortunate to be accompanied by such loyal and sought-after fans that on the first day they can be passionate about something, make any small dream come true, and become a reality during a magical night. Seville’s luck is to be Seville. actually Look at the seventh face to face. for sabilana. The problem will be who does not want to understand it.

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