Sevilla FC: Jose Castro: We offered Mendelbar a contract so he could continue

AndThere was an uproar among the Sevillians. Can’t wait any longer. Jose Luis Mendelbar Continue on the Andalusian bench, after Seville Continue, the middle of his party to achieve the seventh European league, that the Basques have a proposal on the table and that he is expected to lead the new project. The stands were expressing their opinion strongly. Logic prevailed. Sevilla final bet By a technician who arrived for two months to save a collection Nervin From the drop, a has been conquered Title.

“The media has been wondering for weeks why we haven’t renewed Jose Luis. This news was reserved for you, O people of the way, who bore us in wings for this European league. Our show new decade… Long live the Seville!!”, he declared Castro.

The idea of ​​Sevilla is just that Contract 1 + 1. It should be resolved next week. No more long contracts that later turn out to be expensive when it comes to potential dismissal. This recent course experience advises her to do so. This is not a problem for mandelbar more than They are used to this kind of contract. He is not a man who wants to be where he does not want him to be. You are offered one year, with the possibility of an extension if all goes as you expect.

Mendelbar, on the shoulders of the players on the balcony: “Bastard *** … Uba Seville!”

Coach who saved Seville One of his most difficult years to continue his leadership off the bench. Sometimes initial thoughts, like that soggy He was a technician to save the team from relegation, which he ended up becoming The best successes of sports management At a time. It is impossible to win without a man who footballers trust. mandelbar He is our man. he SevilleFinally, he decided to reward the coach who brought him back to heaven.

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