Sevilla FC: Jesus Navas returns to Seville in kilometer 0

Jesus Navas He walks through the last years of his career with the same energy as the early years. He’s not someone who stops to think about what he did, how he did it, and when. He knows that a footballer’s life is relatively short (he’s on his way to 20 years from his professional debut) and he wants to make the remaining years out of it. In reality, He personally is in a great momentbeing important for Sevilla thanks to his assists and this new record he set Sampaoli, with almost the same ride he took over the band as in his rough days. Palace will undoubtedly live a private party Next Thursday in Eindhoven. This is the first time that Sevilla returns to the stage of its first European final Obviously, Jesus is One member of that band and that initial eleven From the final he continues to defend the colors of Seville.

Because of May 10, 2006 The way was opened for the powerful Seville that is known today. Ten titles and 20 finals In this century they must have started and that was PSV. Final emphatically defeated vs Middlesbrough, with Navas as one of the heroes of that team. Other titles would come later, with a generation not to be repeated Five drinks in 15 months. the 2010 cup with the remainder of this form Palop, Kanoute or Luis Fabianoeven ten years later, with the equally glorious time Unai Emery In charge of Seville, Jesus himself could remain K Football player in Nervion history with the most titles: 7. the Europa League in Cologne I got to know him that way. Moreover, the captain.

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That day he settled his debts with himself. Now he knows that the panorama of Seville has changed drastically this season and so has he I lend my shoulder to help where I can. In and out of the locker room. He had a recent injury that was due to heal in three weeks. He cut it in half, admitting that he is sometimes unable to watch while Sevilla need him. Europe was presented as a competition that could clean up the bitterness of the league season a bit. This is how the Andalusian team takes it. Familiar with the level of competition, but equally aware of the respect that Sevilla holds within the tournament. Jesus Navas will once again lead Sevilla in Eindhoven. He wasn’t 20 years old or as scary as in that final. He has the desire to teach that every day counts and that special offers are never missed. Endhoven, kilometer 0 of modern Seville history, with Jesús Navas writing almost all of its chapters.

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