Sevilla FC: Godelli, on winning the Europa League: “The fans deserve it more than ever”

Nemanja Gudelli Live next may 31 at Budapest for him The second final affiliate European League with a shirt Seville. The Serb, the main player this season, has already declared himself hero in edition 2020 in Colognea completely different scenario for absence instead of fans in the stands due to the pandemic. “Be a little different with the publicwith our fans. I don’t want to say that if we win it will be better because I don’t want to detract from it the last which we won because It was also special. Things happened that don’t usually happen like everyone together in the hotel, the environment we create Ah .. but it will definitely be different, ”the Serb declared Onda Cerro Seville On the Open Media Day organized by UEFA.

“he Seville have a special relationship with European League. they have Proven many times And we continue to prove it. will be a Very nice ending Against a very strong team with a good coach. We also have a very good team and a very strong and good coach. It will be a nice match and I hope we win Let’s give the fans what they deserve After such a difficult season, especially in the beginning, where Giving us support was very difficult. We didn’t take what we had to take. They gave more than usual and They got us out of this situation. They deserve it more than ever.”confirmed.

Mobility problems

“I always thank them for everything and I hope we can solve everything as a club because we always need them with the support they give us as a number 12 player and we hope everything can be resolved quickly.”

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There is no favorite

“I never spoke about favourites. In the final it’s very difficult to do that because in the final both teams want to get the most out of themselves. The team that comes out better that day will have the advantage and we have to be as prepared as possible and stronger than they are.” It was the same in all previous matches.”

Comparing Sevilla’s stats with Mourinho’s stats

“Neither Sevilla nor Mourinho lost the final. It will be a great match”

match after match

“The best preparation right now is not to think about Wednesday when you have a game against Real Madrid in front of you first. You have to follow the natural rhythm, game by game trying to get the most out of it and I’m sure everyone will be as mentally and physically as possible.”

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