Sevilla FC: Godelli: “I hope it’s today’s game because we really want it”

Nemanja Gudelí will be one of eleven players selected by Jose Luis Mendelbar for the second leg against Manchester United.. The unknown is whether you will work as a central defender or with Fernando in midfield. The Serb does not hide the desire for the team to start the match against England: “It’s a very beautiful match, especially when you hear the rumors about what the stadium will be like. I wish it was today’s game because we really want it. The team is very good and we want to face the match with our people. We are very confident. We want to win and reach the semi-finals“.

Back at Old Trafford

“A very important game, but as I always say, especially in the latter part of the season, everyone is a finalist. We are looking forward to the start of it. The team is very confident. We have a lot of quality, as the coach says going down 2-0 doesn’t panic. We’ve adapted Little things on the field. We wanted to play more to score until the third.”

Quieter after Mestalla

“What he means is that Sevilla always want to win every game. We’ve had a tough season. We’re confident about tomorrow’s game and the rest of the season.”

What does Mandelbar ask of you?

“The coaching staff are telling us that when we equalize the things the opposition is doing, we will win the game. Simple things like not taking any risks, finishing games and getting into duels.”

How will the stadium be?

“The fans will be there as always, although these matches have a bit more going for them. We’ll be playing with 12 players for sure.”

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“The Godelli case is not important now. We are talking and we are happy and I hope everything goes well. I feel at home.”

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