Sevilla FC: Fernando was unaware that his “partner” Guy could not play in Europe

Fernando Regis Little by little, he’s regaining the physical tone he’s always shown at Sevilla. He spent some very difficult months, with A.J Infectious mononucleosis which separated him from the team for several months. He missed it. “I knew we couldn’t complain about anything. Things come in life and I can’t complain. I’m at a great club, I have a great family and now I’m healthy.”It came on the official television program of the Andalusian club. In the same place there was a file strange situation. Bab JayFranco-Senegalese midfielder signed in January, He couldn’t be registered in the Europa League and Fernando himself… he didn’t know!

Fernando did not know that Guy did not play for Europe

I asked the presenter on several occasions if this was the case. The truth is that clubs can only make three changes to European rosters. Bad, Ocampos and Torres liver entered the Champions League. One had to be left out and they chose Gueye, the last to arrive with him Brian Gill, who could be included in the B-List of domestic players due to their age. However, the performance it could give was completely unknown Sampaoli, who bet on his appointment, gave him two starts in two matches that he could count on. Above all it was His match against Mallorca was fantasticand editing from specific functions to Ferdinandwho greatly appreciates a partner in this field.

“But why? I wasn’t counting on that, I thought all the guys were available. It doesn’t add up to me because I didn’t expect it.”Ferdinand confirmed. It is a decision made by the club and communicated at that time to and from the player himself Template knowledge, although it is seen that the Brazilian was not aware of this circumstance. What upsets him the most is the loss of his new partner. Sampaoli will have to pull Jordan, Rakitic or Godelli to accompany the number 20. The Europa League demands the most and will rival Sevilla without Pape Gueye’s energy at heart. Everyone knows… except Fernando.

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