Sevilla FC: Dimitrovic: “We can win, but I don’t trust United’s losses”

Mandelibar changed the pace for Sevilla. The league situation no longer lives with drama and all eyes are on Manchester United. One of his main supporters in the locker room and the person who was even asked about his appointment is him Marko Dmitrovich. The Serb is more than happy to sign the Basque coach. “Mendy is a genius and everyone at Sevilla knows what I think of him. When I spoke to the managers, everyone knew what I was thinking, and I have a very personal relationship that goes beyond football. There was a call after the Getafe game, they asked me and I tried to be as honest as possible. I gave my opinion of the moment and what I could contribute, but no more,” V revealed Southern Channel Radio.

It will not be his starting role against the England team, since then Mandelbar is betting on the reward for Europe And the Serbian goal itself, on the other hand, in LaLiga. “If you play the last three league games, it’s because the Master decided so. The reward is sure to want to play everything like me. It is natural and he is professional and competitive. When I play with one or the other, I play, we bring the best out of the team,” he explained. “We know we can win. It will be difficult, no matter how many victims. Those who play will come out with all the will, I don’t trust losses.”. We know it’s going to be a tremendous environment, but we also know it’s going to be very challenging.”

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Next steps to Seville

“The only thing that depends on us is that we play game after game. I hope we win the Europa League, we hope we win every game, but I can’t guess the future or how we’ll play against Real Sociedad. I hope we get all the points in the remaining days. I just know we’ll train well tomorrow. You must be ambitious and we are ambitious. I am optimistic, but very realistic. Things are achieved step by step. If you told me three weeks ago that we would be like this, no one would believe it, so we continue this streak of gaining confidence.

The big fall of the season

We also wonder about that. Bands have bad lines. It took a long time, The level of confidence declined, and we did not see a way out of the hole, and we did not find solutions with different coaches. On the sporting level, the season is bad., but now there is a very exciting month and a half ahead that we can even change this situation. In LaLiga we have to add as soon as possible.”

The future of Mandelbar is in Nervin

“Mandilibar can be a coach who can lead a big team because he is able to get the best out of every team and then put him to work with the team.. He said in Valencia he was not happy with the game because he knows this team can get the ball from behind. He didn’t like what he saw, for example, but he came to the rescue, and he didn’t have much time. We will grow with it. In a few weeks he managed to change many things. He is a great coach who can lead a big team like Sevilla“.

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