Sevilla FC: Budapest, the promised land of Seville

no.There is nothing more motivating than experiencing a new or unexpected experience. Obviously a fan Seville He used to accompany his team to Europe. Not just the finals. This year, a large number of fans attended Manchester also Role. Reaching the final fueled the illusion and travel companies saw an opportunity to capitalize on the desperation of one observer who saw it as almost impossible to reach the final. Budapest. There were hardly any flights and those that were offered were very expensive. It’s time to use your imagination.

And a lot. More than half of our 12,000 followers will be in the final of a competition European League (about 7,000) they travel from today and, above all, tomorrow to make a visible and invisible journey to the Hungarian capital. Others sought to live as best they could. From rather strange combinations, with several stops, to getting into a truck and traveling almost 3,000 kilometers separating the two cities. Real brutality. More if you try to do it in a day and a half.

across the pond

One of the most surprising stories is that of the person who lives so far away that just thinking about the possibility of going to the final seems crazy. Jose Mara Gutierrez He is an advertising photographer who has been living for ten years in the Panama. He has only lost one European final – Warsaw – due to the birth of his son. Sixteenth was a caesarean section. The choice was clear. To the first two it was from Sevillebut Role And intrepid came straight from Panama. Factorial trip to see it Seville raise the European League.

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Landed yesterday afternoon Seville. He was pessimistic about finding groups from the Andalusian capital. He even went so far as to tell his brothers that he couldn’t go this time. He continues to be a member despite the distances. His father called him the next morning to tell him he had found a pact. His wife’s phrase was making clear: “I already knew you were going.”

Puskas Arena, venue for the final

Puskas Arena, venue for the finalEFE

Meditela to Budapest

A Seville member, tired of not finding anything at an affordable price, suggested traveling by truck. 25 hour drive to share the experience with people who didn’t even know it. They are gone Seville yesterday morning. I command CordobaAnd SimpleAnd Casteln and stop at Barcelona. Get back on track to get to Prague. There they want to get on the train or bus and park Budapest Already at night. They made reservations for two nights. Then touch back. with the cup All of this will weigh less,” someone exclaims in a voice note. The illusion of seeing an ultimate life has no name, especially in a year where hardly anyone can believe that this miracle appeared almost out of nowhere.

Sevillistas on their way to Budapest

Sevillistas on their way to Budapest

A little bit of a risk

Is there a follower of Seville that by January and February he clearly saw the final. The full path is not yet known. Oh yeah, flying was cheap. Others waited a little longer, despite not having the rating in hand. Ramon Quintero Already exists Budapest. He arrived last Saturday and will be the perfect guide for all those looking for their first beer. admitted in Brand who bought a ticket Malaga Budapest after a goal in Nusayri in Role. There was still over half a match left and a full lap to go Nervin. Less than 100 euros per trip. Decent job. Anticipation pays off as long as the ball fulfills your desires. back Ramon It’s next Saturday. Going for an interview Budapest to perfection.

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Sevilla fans in Budapest

Sevilla fans in Budapest

usual metrics

Save the grandson Take your car to get there Malaga Almost at dawn the relationship he found was rather strange. First it will stop for a few hours Kunas (Lithuania), let’s get to it later Bratislava (Slovakia). The end of the journey takes place by car, with less than two hours of travel. Taking into account plane tickets, car rental and gasoline, the trip costs about 400 euros. no more. Ramon Somaloformer director of Sevilleleft yesterday on the way to Munich (where you roast with beer to get to the final) with the final destination Budapest. each accompaniment Seville. The final with the largest number of spectators in the stands. amazing.

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