Sevilla FC: Brian Gill: “You must be crazy, playing for Sevilla, and not dreaming of the Europa League final”

sHis eyes light up Brian Gill When the possibility of fighting for his title with Sevilla is mentioned. Forced separation nearly two years ago, to return to the first appeal of The club where he grew up. Sevilla, who needed everyone who felt their shield to get out of the most complicated situation in two decades. And as someone who does not want this thing, Nervin’s group is rescued and the seventh dream is very much alive. And Brian wants to help make that happen.

Question: How is it on the physical level? He played a few games where he ended up getting restless and cramps…

Answer: I think it’s good. On that day (Espanyol) I was a little tight and preferred to leave the game because I found myself a little bit… in the groin. But I’m fine, I’m ready for what’s to come. The team too. And hopefully we can take a win from there, which would be a very good result.

Q: When I arrived in January, the only goal was to save the class. How does life change…

a: I think it says a lot about every one of those who make up this team and club, so to speak. We have managed to change the season. When I arrived it was completely different than it is now. The team is confident, in good shape, in the semi-finals of the Europa League… It all says a lot about us, about the courage we had to push forward and be able to finish the season as we are now. Hope it ends better. Looking back only to pick up the positive. I hope the future will be better.

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Q: Sampaoli asked for his arrival in January and suddenly he was already sent off by two points. How did you live that?

a: Often when the coach changes a lot, part of the fault lies with the players on the turf. When Mandy arrives, the dynamics change a bit and the team begins to climb. This is what we should look at. Everything to learn. We are now in a good or comfortable position. But we don’t have to relax. We have very nice things ahead of us and I hope it goes well.

Q: Did you have to think a lot about returning to Sevilla?

a: When I got a call from Sevilla, I speak to Conte, who had the key to let me out. I told him it was a good opportunity for me. I discussed it with my agents and was crazy to come. In the end it happened and I think it was a loan or it’s positive because I have minutes and play in European competitions and important matches. This is what we were looking for.

Q: What are the differences between Bryan, who left Sevilla, and the one now?

a: Well, I think he’s more mature. Loans and club changes make you learn to see things differently, make you live new experiences, and that’s what makes you grow. Above all more mature, and I appreciate the things I have today, because when you have bad moments, you value the good things so much more.

Q: They have sent Sampaoli out and the next is Mandilbar. He thought: what luck!

a: (He laughed). He’s a coach I already knew. I really enjoyed it when I was at Eibar, even though it wasn’t a good season on a collective level. On an individual level, you did a very good job. I made my debut with the national team when he coached me. Now I have him here and I think he has completely changed the team. We all enjoy it. It is very good on a daily basis and eventually the team notices this atmosphere on weekends.

Q: Did Mandy change anything during these years? Are you asking for the same thing as in Eibar?

a: He asks me more or less the same thing. He is still as demanding as ever. But that’s good for the player, always telling you “fine, fine” doesn’t do you any good. I guess they should ask you to get your best copy. And that’s what he does with all the players.

Q: Based on what Mandelbar has done so far, do you think he deserves the chance to continue?

a: Well, it doesn’t depend on me and I don’t think it’s my business. The present is better than thinking about the future. I hope he gets lucky and whatever comes to him will be good.

Q: What is the positive thing about Juventus Stadium?

a: Obviously we will win. Obviously if we’re not going to win against Juventus and in the semi-finals of the Europa League, it doesn’t matter if you don’t go that way. We will win, let’s fight the game. It will be a difficult environment, but I will try to get a good result so that here, in Sanchez Pizgon, as against United, we can push and hopefully reach the final.

Q: What evidence did Mandelibar give you?

a: He talked a bit about Juventus, we all know what a great team they are, but we have to focus on ourselves, on going out to die, to win and to do well there. The team is looking forward to it, looking forward to the game. I wish I could go now to be at Juventus and play and hope it goes well and we can come back alive for the second leg.

Q: Inside Juventus, I understand that if I talk to you about a player, Di Mara comes to mind.

a: I think he is a player that I have followed a lot and I like him a lot. And also for all that I’ve accomplished. I like the way he plays, I see myself reflected in him and he is a player I can learn from.

Q: Where was Brian in the 2014 title as well?

a: puff. Well, the truth is, he was training here, but he was still living in Barbati. coming and going I was already soaking up what Seville is like.

Q: Do you remember watching the final?

a: The truth is, I’m in really bad shape for memories. Surely I saw it, but as for the memories they are very bad, I was very young and the truth is that I do not have that image registered there.

Q: How did you feel on the day of the United game at Nervin?

a: The truth is I couldn’t describe it to you because I’ve never seen anything like it in any stadium. I’ve been going to Sanchez Pizgon since I was very young, ever since I was 9, and I’ve never seen anything like it. When I arrived and saw the entire stadium in white, when they threw toilet paper I thought it was an indescribable plus. Pizjun gave it his all. And we gave it our all. We managed to score three goals against United and qualify for the semi-finals. It was a day I will undoubtedly remember over the years.

Q: Do you dream of the final match?

a: naturally. When you’re in the semi-finals with Sevilla, in the competition, if you don’t dream about the final I guess (laughs)… you have to be pretty crazy to think we can’t get there. naturally. hopefully dr.

Q: It would be like saying that the little experiment of a few months to save Sevilla ends up being a success for history.

a: tab. For everyone. We have to focus on getting to that final first. Then think about whether you will win it. I hope to be in that final because I think the team deserves it. The team has suffered a lot and now we are starting to enjoy it a bit. The fans also deserve it.

P: Because of that suffering, does it taste different?

a: When you’re going through hard times, like everything in life, when you’re good, you’re happy, you’re cheerful, and you enjoy it twice as much. All to make up for the moments he suffered. The team deserves it.

Q: Although now it seems another world, in Laliga, what?

a: Firstly, there is the Juventus game, which we are completely focused on there. Once we achieve salvation, which I have been convinced has been achieved since my arrival, all that comes is positive. We have to look forward and try to win every game.

Q: Until the end. It’s your second spell in Sevilla, so will there be a third?

a: Well, I don’t know, the truth is, I’m very happy here. I was very happy to belong to this club, but I have a contract with another club and I think it would be disrespectful to talk about staying here.

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