Sevilla FC: Beto: “I didn’t watch the 2014 final a lot on TV, but I saw it a lot in my mind”

Goalkeepers in Sevilla’s history are worth their weight in gold. In almost all the titles the Andalusian club has won in this century, the player’s number between the sticks has been key. from Palop to Bonopasses through local players such as David Soria and Sergio Ricowith the Portuguese be to as the main protagonists of the third European leaguebeing the champion up to penalty kicks, and the second in the final match against Benfica. platform: Role. re Seville to that pitch to be measured Semi-final against Juventusa situation the Portuguese in MARCA remembers what he remembers from that night and how he saw the equalizer.

Question: If I told you the Europa League, Sevilla, in turn. Her voice like what?

Answer: It seems to me like history. It feels familiar and reminds me of one of the best days of my career. It is impossible not to stop two penalties in a European final as well. I haven’t seen it many times on TV, but I’ve seen it in my mind. I imagine tremendous times for everything I felt that day.

Q: In a shootout with a title at stake, did you study the shooters in depth, did the picaresque help or did intuition also play an important role?

a: Action is the key to stopping anything but then, even though everything helps, at the last minute I was always quite intuitive. In that particular match Cardozo changed his usual spot and it was that intuition that led me to block him.

Q: Do the Sevilla supporters on the street remind you of that match?

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a: Yes to a large extent. It leaves me with the feeling that I did my duty and the awareness that I gave my all for this team, and they realize that; This is the most important address. The locker room felt that we could, regardless of whether we were favorites or not, win the final. We had a very strong group and we have a lot of confidence. We have spent hours transferring good energies from one to the other and we know that no matter what happens, we will be together at all times. I brought nothing with me, only the memories and the moments we had. Then I smelled all the European Cups I’ve won. Not only that, all four.

Q: They all have their own story behind them, but you have to pick one…

a: That trip in Turin was obviously the highlight for me because it was a very long journey, a lot of suffering and led us to a glorious day that we will never forget. From the Porto match, to the Euroderby with Betis, to May 1 in Valencia, in the 95th minute, that goal for Lumpia… That year was real madness, full of famous qualifiers.

Q: Sevilla have had great goalkeepers this century. Bono and Dimitrovic, what do you think?

a: The target is well protected by either. They are excellent goalkeepers who provide guarantees and I think they are being used fairly. Bono and Marco both compete and keep themselves motivated; They feel part of the process of change in Seville.

Q: The team’s year has not been easy. Three coaches relegated… and now they are fighting to reach the final. How did you see that from the outside?

a: I’ve seen the team a bit unstable but in the end Sevilla always come out on top. It is a force that you possess, that cannot be explained, but it is felt and noticeable. The fans played a hugely important role in getting the team out of the way this season and the players ultimately followed the outpouring of energy that the stands were able to create. And look now.

Q: Back to a draw with Juventus. The pools don’t give Sevilla a favourite, although they weren’t against United either. Not even against Benfica.

a: Let’s see, it will always be Juventus, but it is precisely not the best version of Juventus. Now, yes, with the utmost respect and enthusiasm, I think Sevilla have everything to reach the final.

Q: Would you like the tour to be held at Snchez-Pizjun?

a: I am yes. It was important in the confrontation with Manchester United that the return match be played at home, because the result was good from the first leg, the stadium turned over, exploded, and the opponents felt all this pressure. The Sevilla fans have been instrumental this season in raising the bar of the group and showing all their passion and enthusiasm for this great club once again.

Q: Give me a message to the fans who dream of being in Budapest.

a: We are different than anyone…let’s go with everything!

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