Sevilla FC: Aqua: “The road to here was not easy”

Marcus Aqua Accompany the coach Seville to the press room Juventus stadiumin the preview of the first stage of the semi-final round of European league. The Argentine winger Indisputable in plans mandelbar and tomorrow he will have the hard ballot to measure himself against his friend and fellow countryman Angel Di Maria. “In addition to these two friends (and Paredes), Juventus have very good players. We will try to stop what they are, Good players and imbalanceHe tries to stop them playing their game.”

he Seville Transplanted into the semifinals after eliminating “a great team like ManchesterBut before we have to Eliminate huge teams It wasn’t easy way was not. We are preparing very well, we are very motivated and focused and we will try our best to take something from here.”

How to prepare Marcus Aqua To live this kind of party? Like everyone else, with Calmness and tranquilitywaiting for the game, be focusedStudy the competitor. The best way is to study it and try to be as calm as possible in the match.”

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