Sevilla: Emery wants Monchi at Aston Villa

Monchi does not score goalsdoes not play, but a fundamental role in what he lived Seville In the last years. Some time ago he went to RomeHowever, he returned to his team to come back into existence hero, not without suffering, but raising a new cup. Now, however Seventh European League in the history of Seville, The English Premier League is knocking on your door. he Astonville Transfer of interest to obtain his services to try to form Hero Squad. Unai Emery himself headed the process.

After the first failed attempt to obtain services Matthew Alemaniwhich initially left more than one person unafraid of the Barcelona fan’s supposed resignation, it seems In Birmingham they continue to watch in LaLiga Santander for services Another sports manager of international stature. The goal is nothing but Munshi.

complicated moment

Contrary to what might make one think of the success of the European League, Sevilla’s moment seems rather complicated in terms of The relationship of those who rule with the Munchiwhich is useful to think about Possible departure of the sporting director.

in England They positioned him as a more interesting profile to join the premier league and Promote Unai Emery employees conscientiously In order to play a major role in both the domestic championship and conference league.


Tottenham have also come to consider basing their project around the Monchi characterBut the emergence of Emery and Aston Villa has left the London side’s interest in the background. What also seems clear is that the former coach of Valencia and Villarreal, among others, wants it Surround yourself with people you trust in your endeavorcomplicated to the extreme, to get to High ports of the premier.

Munshi will have a big budget When it comes to signing players, something far from what awaits him now in Sevilla, with economic problems The condition of access for soccer players.

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