Sevilla: Drawn in full flight

Jorge Sampaoli communicated with the president of Sevilla, Jose Castro, when the president was able to find out the result of the Europa League quarter-final draw.. “Manchester,” he would tell his aides as they sat around him. With no internet connection on the flight that took the Seville delegation from Istanbul to Seville, it must have been the commander who requested the information over the radio, to relay it later to Castro, who picked up the megaphone used by the flight crew and gave it to him. ads.

He was clearly greeted with some resignation, considering United the strongest of the eight remaining in the hype. and that the intent is to know the result of the clouds already on the ground, with an expected arrival at 1:00 p.m. However, delays at the home airfield made it necessary to devise a way for the expedition to meet the fortunate opponent. The tie, is the general thought in Seville, you have to play it. He is expected to arrive with the team with the best prospects.

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Because before a European tie, three league matches must be played, with an international pair in between. YouIME to find out what is the present and future of Sevilla in the league. Also which players Sampaoli can count on that they don’t have right now.

It needs more elements in defense against one of the most devastating attacks on the planet. There is no good time to meet Manchester United in a tie. However, this Seville has already done this. twice. It’s time to play it. And it all started with the president as the unexpected sound of the lottery.

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