Sevilla Club: The other thorn that Sampaoli wants to remove from his first stage

Jorge Sampaoli He doesn’t just say what’s on his mind, but he rarely hides anything that’s on his head. He even admits it He is in Seville, in his second phase, due to his sudden departure in the firstwhen he broke his contract to train Argentina national team in the World Cup Russia. From fraud to indifference in Nervin. He admits he never liked going back to “the places where one was happy”, however He couldn’t say no to Sevilla when they called him With the necessities of the season. He wanted to get out Thorn annoys him. Because the good taste left by his team does not match the taste left by his character in farewells.

However, it is not the only fork that Sampaoli He will be carried away from his early days on Nervin, V.I 2016-17 season. And they are who Munshi That he already knew he was leaving, and in general the Sevilla fans wanted to see their team in Quarter-finals of the European Champions League. he lester He was seen as a favorable victim. And everything went back in that tie, and from her Today marks the sixth anniversary of the return leg at King Power Stadium As the sporting director was left alone on the lawn, believing that Sevilla would never reach the next round. He was Third time saying bye in the round of 16. Oddly enough, they were detained yesterday Five years after the attack on Old Trafford and the passage to the quarter-finals of the Champions Leaguewith Munchi already out of the club.

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Sampaoli has been foundDespite all the team’s problems in the league, A Golden opportunity Even in order to get rid of those bad memories. Despite a bad first half in the first leg vs Fenerbahee Or the last suffering in the former before Eindhoven In the final moments, the truth is that Sevilla is one step away from the quarter-finals of the Europa League. A new illusion for a fan who expects nothing from his country this season. Quite the opposite. Focus efforts on the League. We still have to resist in Turkey, in Sukru Saraoglu. The company will not be easy. This toothed saw is capable of both the best and the worst. Sampaoli could erase another spot. It’s not in his head now, but it’s in memory.

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