Sevilla: Castro: “Our coach shows his competence”

Andhe Seville It already exists turkey. president Jose Castro Displaced media may have helped with the team to evaluate return game in the morning eighth the end of European league Before Fenerbahee. “the sensations always Good and optimistic Because it’s our fetish championship, we bring in 2-0 is not final And of course we will have to play very well, To think we’ve tied And we have to win here too to pass the tie. “They will make things difficult for us, as they are a very good team and they play with their fans,” the president said.

Seville grows in Europe

“It’s our championship. If we’ve come this far, it’s for a reason. We’re not doing well in the league, but let’s see if we can get to the quarter-finals.”

Team improvement

“The truth is we’re in a bad season, it’s plain and clear, and we’ve taken it that way. We have many casualties but Sevilla have won six of their last seven games in Bezigon, I think. We’re on an upward streak, not as we’d like, but Just get out of there once.”

Loss of life

“I hope we add forces from the center of defence. What our coach does is show his quality. Bade comes in and Tanguy gets injured. The team is enough and there will be matches where we don’t suffer too much. Against Almeira, but I aim to suffer and win”

Its toughest season

“Without a doubt because it’s the season we’ve been in worse. We must have made a mistake and we’ve had very bad luck in the matter of injuries, in the same situations as well. Between mistakes and bad luck, it’s a rare and atypical season.”

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Another statement from Jose Maria del Nido

Castro He made it clear when he was questioned by the last contact of Jose Mara del Nido. “Someone told me about Saab’s statement,” he says As usual. It seems inconceivable that this man has nothing to do two days before such an important game European leagueto make those comments. If the law is not what you like, then you do not like the law; When he goes against it, he no longer likes it. Let him talk about the sinking of the club, about ruin, about a club like it Seville… Not right, Our financial service providers what will they think If a senior shareholder says so,” he commented Castro.

When I got to the presidencyThe economy was worse than it is now brink of collapse. the Positive own money we’ve got We were born and enjoyed with endings and headings. They are not words broadcast on the air. That the team is bad this year, of course. That the economy this year in the clubs is not the same, of course. but me I was assigned in a pandemic And sales are not what we want or when we want them in a couple of years. This man does not know nor despair. Talk about squatting…we should all help, not make statements that don’t add up. When you love Seville, you show it through action And not to harm with words that only serve to discredit the entity.”

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