Sevilla: Castro: “Once again Sevilla in the semi-finals? Yes, again”

Andhe Seville ready on Turin. president Jose Castro The media displaced to Italian territory have helped to cover Go into the semi-finals affiliate European League That the Nervionense team will play tomorrow Before Juventus. “Another trip and another qualifier. If we can succeed, there will be a final. Feelings can only be good Because this tournament is where we can do it different things Others, we are the only Spanish team left Europe next to MadridFor everything we’ve accomplished since 2006…the team has given us reason to be happy in the last month and a half. Very difficult qualifying round with the Juventusbut So was Manchester. The team cheers Get excited and think “why not”The commander commented.

Football is like that. If the team wasn’t so good, they wouldn’t have made it to the semi-finals of the Europa League. Observation until a month and a half ago was bad, and now we are on the verge of an important goal. And in league Remains Five games what is when Everything is played And we will try to make the result as good as possible,” he commented, wondering about the team’s recovery.

Pogba, Di Maria, Cuadrado, Vlahovic… We know the company how difficult it can be, however Juventus would not like to play with the king of the Europa League either. A very important match, we will have another match at home and the team is strong there, in such an atmosphere that they are able to create.

Ranked Qualifiers

“Not economically or athletically, perhaps in an emotional sense because who will have the illusion that he will be in the seventh final. The differences have to be shown on the pitch. The team is in a great moment. It’s time to measure up and the final would be a good end to a bad season.”

Mandelbar’s future

“He’s doing a great job, he’s got the team in order and we’re very happy with him. I hope we can say at the end of the season, not that we’ve done it right, that’s for sure, but we’ve done it remarkably or brilliantly. This is not the time to talk about the future.” Nor the past, only the present. There is no commitment with Jose Luis beyond what he earns. We will not make any decision before the league ends. We will have to study very carefully what happened so that it does not happen again.” “We can talk about Mandilbar as much as you like. Management and results don’t fool anyone. Very happy with him.” “He shows he’s a great coach and when the season is over we’ll make decisions so we don’t have the problems we had this year.”

a result

“Any place we don’t lose is good. The tie has already been signed and we’re risking our potatoes in Sanchez Pizjuan. Playing there with any team, no matter how millionaire it is, is very difficult. Hopefully we can get a result that allows us to pass in Sevilla.” It’s usually qualifiers with short results and taking advantage of the few opportunities available. The fans are excited and that makes us happy.”

What will happen to Munshi?

“Monchi has a valid contract and there is no reason to think that he will not continue. I repeat, it is the moment of the present and this is tomorrow, on Sunday Valladolid and Juventus again. We must not think now that he will go to go.”

May 10, special date

“We won first the Europa League, and then UEFA, in Eindhoven after 58 years. What a good day today when Sevilla fans remember what we did. People were surprised because we are moving up in the UEFA position. We played many matches in Europe “After PSV came with so many titles. Only four teams will play to be in the Europa League final and one of them is Sevilla. Again? Yes, again.”

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