Sevilla: a giant returns to his rival

Life is full of winks. Situations that happen in one way, with almost the same heroes and in different situations, return to the starting point. Something like that happens to Sevilla goalkeeper Bono, who lives on a kind of roller coaster, now that he has coincided with Mendelbar and Dimitrovic together again. because His new coach bet directly on the Serbwhom he knew from his stage in Eibar. La Liga awarded him, while Bono defends the goalkeeper in EuropeChange roles with what he did Sampaoli. Bono has accepted the situation for the time being and he is Looking forward to a duel in turn To prove that he is still number one.

Because it is not easy to get out of it Bayern wants you in January or Manchester United’s name to be in his diary, on the bench at Nervin. More so when he turned down interesting offers to help Sevilla out of the compromised position they were in. Once again, football taught Bono a lesson, and he also does not forget about it Vaclic’s injury, in 2020, against Eibar de Mendelbar and Dimitrovic allowed him to play in the final days of the league and take ownership of the final stage of the Europa League in Germany.. There he became a hero. part of Sixth European League bearing his name. And the seventh is not far away.

for three games. The company was just as hard or more than three years ago. Sevilla knows that they will not get anything, despite reaching this point in the season with this beautiful goal, after a year filled with bitterness, it makes the Andalusian team more dangerous. Bono, likewise, has had a strange year. From bad matches with Sevilla to World Cup champions. From third place in the Best of the Best award, replacing Snchez-Pizjun’s. All in a tournament where he conceded many more goals than expected. And only when the team raises its head, is it put on the bench.

He carries Three weeks without playing an official matchsince he overtook Sevilla United in Nervin. Dimitrović in this time played four league matches. Mendelbar hasn’t changed his mind about offering every goalkeeper a competition. Domestically, almost everything has been said about Sevilla, who are putting their best foot forward in Europe, and will fight with the rest to finish as high as possible. If it’s the seventh, even better. while, Bono is trying to expand his legend in Europe. A goalkeeper who has proven himself to be a giant. It’s your competition. That which opened the doors of international recognition. It’s a world of rewards. Your time has come.

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