Several wounded and a minor arrested in a school shooting in Bosnia

The perpetrator has previously been transferred from one school to another as a result of his misconduct

Lukavac Grad School in Bosnia Facebook


Updated at 12:18 p.m.

Several people at the “Lukavak Grad” primary school in Bosnia, about 120 kilometers from Sarajevo, were injured due to Shooting by a minor.

It appears that the student was previously transferred from one school to another as a result of him bad behavioras published by the Bosnian daily Oslobodjenje.

Edin Delic, the mayor of Lukavac Municipality, shared this on his social networks No child was hurt in photography. “There are casualties, but there are no children among them, so I ask parents to control the panic,” Delic said.

Another outlet,, reports that a school employee, who may have been a teacher, was shot, Oslobodjenje was able to confirm this, and was taken to hospital with Gunshot wound to the neck And it is running in Tuzla, about 15 kilometers from where the events took place.

The minor was arrested immediately after the shooting.

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