Seven Israelis were shot dead outside a synagogue in Jerusalem

When all eyes were on Gaza, violence took hold in Jerusalem. Seven Israelis were shot dead outside a synagogue in a settlement in the eastern part of the city. Police pursued and killed the shooter, a Palestinian from Shuafat, a nearby neighborhood, who committed what he did by shooting from his car at worshipers who were leaving prayers at the time.

This came only 24 hours after the military operation in Jenin against the Islamic Jihad movement, in which Israel killed 10 Palestinians.

This Palestinian faction described the attack on Jerusalem as “a heroic act that confirms that the enemy only understands the language of force.” This is the deadliest attack in the holy city since 2008. We must see the reaction of Netanyahu and his government.

tension in Gaza

This attack occurred at the end of a tense day in Gaza. The new government of Benjamin Netanyahu measures the ability to respond to an enemy that responded to the operation in Jenin by firing two missiles, followed by an Israeli bombardment of Hamas and Jihad positions in the Strip. The Palestinian factions described the raid on the Jenin camp as a “crime against the Palestinian people” and declared a state of high alert.

Five months have passed since the recent escalation of violence in Gaza 49 Palestinians were killedSince then, a shaky truce has taken effect and its future hangs in the air after the attacks of the past few hours. Before the shooting at the synagogue, Netanyahu reiterated that they were not looking for an escalation, as was his defense minister, Yoav Gallant, although he warned the Palestinians that “we are ready to move in case we need to continue, until calm returns to the citizens of Israel.”

Nablus witnessed clashes with the occupation forces, and more than 50 demonstrators were injured, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health. the CIA Director Bill Burns, is in Israel and maintained contacts with both parties with the aim of calming the situation and paving the way for the visit of the Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, who will arrive in the Holy Land on Monday. The United States expressed concern about the decision of the Palestinian National Authority to suspend the security coordination agreement with the Israelis.

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