Service station entrepreneurs yell against the government improvising a 20-cent bonus

Carlos Manso Chicote

The government hastened the calendar, but it already seems that inevitable 20 cent bonus Every liter of petrol will not apply globally, and that from next January 1, this discount will only be for professional groups such as transport companies, taxi drivers, farmers and fishing fleets. From organizations like Spanish Confederation of Service Station Entrepreneurs (CEEES) f the Spanish Association of Fuel and Fuel Retailers (AEVECAR) It coincides in warning against the formation of queues these days at service stations due to the immediate disappearance of this discount and the possibility of supply problems. In addition to regret, especially in Central and Eastern Europe, the new administrative burdens Which they will have to contend with in the coming weeks will also not help lower the price of fuel in 2023.

“Neither the Minister of Finance, nor the Minister of Economy, nor the Minister of Ecological Transition has contacted this confederation,” they also lamented from Central and Eastern Europe. It’s not the only caveat his employer makes with AEVECAR, and one he regrets The small margin that they have to adapt to the new regulations Either to reinforce molds or to place additional orders, they have been demanding that the CEO decide for days. However, they will have less than a week to apply the new bonus terms.

Nor do they expect cheaper fuel prices in 2023, which they attribute to the disappearance of the bonus (limited to certain occupational groups) and the emergence of new administrative fees and taxes as the future. temporary energy tax, which was recently approved by the Senate and which, in this employer’s opinion, will make conventional fuels more affordable. In addition to introducing a future National Fund for Electrical System Sustainability (FNSSE) And that the fuel bill will go up, as they say in Central and Eastern Europe, by as much as 7 cents per liter.

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What will be added to the project Tax equalization between diesel and gasolineThat organization can raise prices by 11.5 cents per liter of diesel. They also fear that the Ministry of Finance will listen to its expert report and increase the tax on fuel by another 5.4 cents per liter.

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