Servant (Season 4): Shyamalan’s secret reaches its most tense point

No, it’s never too late to catch up Servant and arrives just in time to broadcast its finale a few months later. After all, one of the greatest successes M Night Shyamalan How do an offer He was only betting on half-hour episodes. Almost everything is narrative fiber in this one excitement Psycho unfolded strangely Comedy series: a The epic of cults, motherhood and self-deception Which, in part, is where the sitcom smells, practically taking place in one place, without that being a nuisance but one of the charms.

We’re talking about the idyllic listed home of the Turner couple, of course, Philadelphia, Shyamalan’s city, so prevalent in his work. TV reporter Dorothy (Lauren Ambrose) and experimental chef Sean (Toby Kebbell) He wanted to overcome an irreparable loss by having a child reborn who was converted, possibly through the mediation of the mysterious governess Lien (Neil Tiger Free), in a complete child. They pursued plot twists of all kinds and depth, often thrilling, sometimes overly inconsequential. The justifications for continuing to maintain the impossible coexistence may be increasingly shaky, however It’s easy to forgive games for their logic in a series that has increasingly succumbed to surrealism.

At the beginning of the fourth and final season, it has been three months since Dorothy had a fatal fall. whatClumsy or small remote alarm From Leanne, whose powers never stopped growing episode by episode? You may never know. As if all that didn’t go away with her, Leanne prepares a welcome party for Dorothy who, according to her brother Julian (Rupert GrintBabysitter sweetheart, to be exact, I’d rather stay in the hospital. Meanwhile, Shawn has become New Gordon Ramsay in a remarkable way reality registered in your city. Little Jericho’s parents are like her babysitter and lover. That’s how it is Servant.

But before Dorothy returns home, an unhealthy home, we will be able to enjoy an episode in the form of a prologue that is already among the best in the series. Alone in danger from the Lesser Church of Saints, from which she fled long ago, Leanne must play with unseen powers to survive the terrible game of cat and mouse that… starts as Kojo It ends a little like birds. Steven king and Alfred Hitchcock: IlHan to Shyamalan. On the other hand, love is mutual: King adores Servant.

Behind this wonderful half hour, we find the promising director Dylan Holmes Williams (Awarded at Sundance with Short Satan harmony), the site was already on some of the previous season’s episodes. Another seasoned company in the series, Kitty Green (the assistant), responsible for a second chapter focusing on a relatively unexpected epidemic and the escalation of the battle between Leanne and Dorothy: They Go to Stings. Again, Green, a fan Chantal AckermannGreat overall shots are highlighted, as well as some super stylish triple shots.

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And from the family, the middle daughter of M. Night, is the budding filmmaker Ishana Shyamalanin the circle of spirituality vessel He proves once again that talent is in his blood: he always places the camera in interesting places; Sometimes he looks for steady visions as well as destabilizing, while others flaunt more controlled movements.

Both in this and in the two previous episodes, the composer Trevor Jurekes (time) nibbling the nerve in the body with its increasingly dark and heavy sounds, resulting in beautifully organized chaos. The remaining seven seasons refer to pandemonium.

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