series | ‘Succession’ (HBO Max) is coming to a close: ‘This season is a mess’

The news came at the end of February: Successionthe brilliant satirical drama about a wealthy dynasty addicted to backstabbing And suspicious maneuvers in the dark, It will finish the imminent fourth season, which premieres Monday, the twenty-seventh, on HBO Max. It felt like a jug of cold water to many, but at the same time, like manna from heaven: it was another sign of desire for Jesse ArmstrongRoys’ father, to make things right. Instead of continuing to stretch the intrigue and end up doing a series that would never be completely bad, but would feel less organic, he preferred to do “something more solid and complete, and leave more or less strong,” as he himself explained in the interview with ” The New Yorker” that heralded the end.

So there are only ten episodes left to find out which of Logan Roy’s children (Brian Cox), fierce patriarch, insult expert, will take over the reins of media and entertainment conglomerate Waystar Royco. The always delivered but clumsy Kendall (Jeremy Strong), or perhaps the faster Romanian, but it is almost never true (Kieran Culkin), or an even fairer option is Shiv (Sarah Snook), except that, in Logan’s eyes, being a daughter rather than a son is problematic. Let’s make sure that any election is a snap and whoever wins won’t win at all.

Succession He never relied on black and white, but on electric grey. An unexpected vibe where a cruel joke can give way to (or be at the same time) a shot of honest emotion. As Armstrong himself recounted, in the writers’ room he used to ask the question: “What’s the funniest thing that could happen here, and by that I mean the most painful thing?” The Roys’ tragedy lies in their inability to share the same room for two minutes in true peace, as well as their love for these dynamics within the family. “They worry too much about what other people might do behind their backs,” Sarah Snook, a.k.a. Chef, explains in an interview. the ginkgo hypothetical. “They always want to know what’s going on in the family. And They are not able to relate to anyone outside their circle in this way. They find it difficult to find colleagues who are related to their wealth or elite. In a sense, either this family or nothing.“.

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In the third season, let us remember that the Roy brothers have made a common front to overthrow Logan, that cruel father who, at the same time, does not stop loving them, only in his own unsophisticated way. “He thinks his kids hate him, when they don’t.”Snook Comments. “There is a lot of pain and confusion on both sides.” After being betrayed by her father and mother, Shiv struggled at the end of the season, as well as her husband Tom’s disloyalty (Matthew McFadden), whose information of an impending rebellion allowed Logan to arrange for his sons not to take over the company.

full birthday

Season 4 begins, like the first, with a birthday party for the patriarch, who will be around 82 according to Armstrong’s calculations. The only son present is the eldest Connor (Alan Rock), half-brother of the rebel trio. It’s less dangerous for Logan because His ambition is not Waystar, but the White House. In a post-Trump world, anything is possible, but it’s hard to imagine a man as president aspiring to get into brawls at his wedding. I asked Ruck how he managed to keep his cool spouting fantasies like that. “You know who always gets it wrong? Matthew Macfadyen, everywhere you look. A great British romantic heart. It falls apart instantly.”

Kendall, Shiv, and Roman seem determined to let themselves go, and after several months of failing in their rebellion, they run their own company, TheHundred, an apparent cross between Substack and MasterClass, The Economist And The New YorkerOr, as Roman sells it,clickbait For smart people. But her plans change slightly when they find a great new opportunity to bring her father back.

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‘This season is a mess’I continue Nicholas Brownbetter known as Cousin Greg, is a somewhat lesser cousin since he masterminded the impossible Bromance with Tom. “Everything is turned upside down. The dynamics are constantly changing. People are losing power in ways you don’t know.” It definitely changes, for example, the dynamic between Tom and his wife, Chief. “They started out on the same side, or almost,” Snook recalled. “They were plotting against the family or Shiv would judge Tom to move on. But in these episodes we see them on opposite sides.”

And now this?

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After being nurtured for nearly seven years by the finest writing–rich, ambiguous, and intricate writing–Heroes Succession They are now afraid of the texts that might arrive. (Nicholas): “It’s really hard. What I’m reading now is not the same. It is not easy to find such rich characters or funny and horrific situations.“.

Fortunately for them, Armstrong didn’t lock out the possibility of exploring some corners of the universe Succession in spin off. Snook thought a half-hour comedy based on Tom and Greg would be the perfect project. Brown, aka Greg, agrees without batting an eye: “I’d do anything for that guy; he’s my favorite writer.” Ruck, for his part, throwing rocks at himself, admits it with a laugh A series about Connor will be very limited: it will last two episodes..

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