Series Premiere | ‘Citadel’ (Prime Video): This isn’t TV, this is ‘blockbuster’

We TV comedy fans never cease to surprise Way Russo brothers: long known as directors and producers Development stopped also Community, they ended up receiving the keys to the kingdom of Marvel and helping define the concept of superheroes (and even the concept of movies) for a generation of viewers. From 20-minute episodes they went into 180-minute odysseys Avengers: Endgamethe second-highest-grossing film in history.

As the MCU’s Phase 3 winds down, Joe and Anthony seem more interested in super-spies: not long after that The invisible agentIt proposes to us, the fifth most watched English-language film in Netflix history fort (Prime Video), another review of James Bond photos and Mission: Impossibleonly two among the infinite references are at stake, according to what he himself tells us Joe Russo in a one-on-one interview with this newspaper. “We were able to invest a handful of emotions from our youth,” he explains. “My brother and I drank a thousand things when we were kids. We were excited about pop culture and stories, especially sex. We wanted to take it all in. On Saturdays we’d go play in the arcade or meet at a game.” Dungeons & Dragons. It’s all over for the show.”

In this first tie in a multi-entity global franchise, the Independent global spy agency It is in the process of rebuilding eight years after its exposure to the master plan Manticore, a criminal organization that brings together some of the most powerful families in the world. Two former agents of the Citadel, the handsome Mason Keane (Richard Madden) and Nadia Sineh (Priyanka Chopra Jonas), lost their memories while trying to survive the aforementioned plot and now live a new, separate life. At least until the appearance of his old colleague Bernard Orlik (Stanley Tucci), who needs them to stop the Manticore from planting a New World Order.

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The Russians don’t know how to do anything small or cheap anymore, so it’s no surprise He deployed special effects and action for a series that was conceived not just as a four-and-a-half-hour movie, but as a movie the movies In all the rules. “The idea was, basically, to do the same thing we were doing for the cinema, just with the advantage of being able to go deeper into the characters, play with more twists, and use the extra time to add nuance to the whole… The project made more sense as a series of events than as a Happened movie.

More than 200 million dollars

Give all meaning and coherence to fort It wasn’t easy, and although the starting budget was already quite large, it ended up almost breaking records after the creative team split into two camps, an offer prime (Josh Appelbaum) was replaced and a shooting round needed to be added. According to information from Hollywood Reporterinvestment It ended up taking in more than $200 million, a number that only the series has ever seen Lord of the Rings: Rings of Poweralso from Amazon.

Russo wants to downplay the civil war that saw the aforementioned Appelbaum and Andre Nemec, the series’ screenwriters, leaving the series, among others. Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. “All this happens in many projects, especially if we are talking about something that takes years to develop and should also last for a long time. We signed David Weil [creador de Hunters] how an offer Because he has a wonderful mind and will be able to do all the necessary mind games; to create the series in English while also working with Italy and India to help shape their versions.”

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In Italy and India they will have, that’s right, their own fort. The point is, they’re not the only lucky ones: A Spanish extension is also being considered. In the end, spies from all these parts of the world (like The Avengers in game over) for a final final mission. “We worked with the Italian and Indian teams on the stories, but it is the storytellers and creators who have the final say on their series. They are the ones who will bring a unique voice and tone to each series.” spin offJoe Russo says.

Other explosions when falling

A look at Russo’s projects with their production company AGBO invites you to close your eyes, take a deep breath and think: “What have I done with my life?” But Joe just wants to talk about what’s rather imminent, ie.”Tyler Rick 2, which will hit Netflix in June which I think is better than the first ” Or also on that platform, but by 2024, adaptation will be self-directed electrical conditionone of the dystopian magic books by Swedish digital illustrator and writer Simon Stalenhag (loop stories). “He is a wonderful artist,” Rousseau rightly says. He says in pictures things that are difficult to put into words.

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