Serie A: The return of “Serie A”: the reasons why Italy can achieve the treble

sIf you told an Italian player in August that he would have a team from his country in each of the three European finals…he would surely have scolded you, thinking you were indecisive. But it happened: Inter will play in the Champions League final, Roma in the Europa League and Fiorentina in the conference. Although it is true that, just as there can be an Italian trio, they can all lose (in fact, they are not favourites), reaching this point is already a clear sign of the growth of Serie A. In addition, Milan and Juventus were left at the door: both were knocked out in the semifinals.

But.. are there a series of reasons that explain this success, or is it the result of chance? A little bit of everything. It is clear , Calcio teams are still a long way from being able to spend what English teams or other big teams in Europe invest in the transfer market. This is not the way. But it is true that the youth academies produce a lot of talent, the level of coaches continues to rise, and the arrival of foreign investors in Serie A clubs is slowly changing things.

Each one, however, has a process to come to an end.

Inter that was born again

From the “Group of Death” to the final in Istanbul. eliminating Inter Barcelona and Viktoria Plzen in groups; Against Porto, Benfica and Milan in the round of sixteen. everyone, With eight goalkeepers to nil and overwhelming effectiveness in attack. Keys, wow, through which he passes his potential victory over Manchester City.

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Lautaro celebrates his goal in the semi-final against AC Milan.

Lautaro celebrates his goal in the semi-final against AC Milan.

And all of them have experienced a veritable roller coaster in recent years. And it is that Inter, when it came into the hands of Stephen Zhang and Sonning, invested so much money in millionaire signings that they won the “scudetto” with Conte: Lukaku, Eriksen, Hakimi, Barella … Then the epidemic arrived, the Chinese empire of electronics collapsed and Inter was left almost helpless… He lives only on what he sells each summer and the income he generates.

He was a very high defensive level, Inzaghi knows how to compete in two matches and it is the experience of his managers that has brought him this far: Third place in Serie A, Super Cup champion, Cup finalist and UEFA Champions League finalist.

UEFA Champions League (Return): Inter 1-0 Milan summary and goals

Mourinho has changed to Roma

“My concern is not to become a part of the history of Rome, but to help the boys grow as players and help the Romanstas as they have helped me from day one. I want to give these people joy… like the joy of going to a European final.”Mourinho announced after winning the pass to the final in Budapest. The second in two years. For a team not used to partying (like Roma), that’s a lot.

What interests me is not to be part of the history of Rome, but rather to help the players and Rome

Jose Mourinho

And it is no exaggeration: The last “La Loba” title before Mou was in 2008. A Coppa Italia. Now, on the other hand, Rome is on the upswing. I changed ownership relatively recently and Friedkins came from the US with many millions and winning ideas.

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Roma celebrates its place in the Europa League final.

Roma celebrates its place in the Europa League final.

After winning the conference last year, they found in Mourinho the perfect leader for their project. Communication with the stands is absolute and the team is dedicated to the Portuguese. Mourinho is the architect of this strong identityannounced Capt. Pellegrini.

Salzburg, Real Sociedad, Feyenoord and Bayer Leverkusen were Roma’s high-scoring victims. They want to keep winning and winning the Europa League is the most direct way to get back into the Champions League.

Europa League (semi-finals, second leg): summary and best plays of Bayer Leverkusen 0-0 Roma

Fiorentina’s great year

Italy has “a thing” with the conference. Likes. If Roma win the first edition of the ‘Green Champions League’, it is Vincenzo Italian’s Fiorentina who wants to take the baton.. It is the team in the competition that scores the most goals In 2023, it was one of the best clubs in Italy: reached the final of the Copa del Rey … also in the Conference League. Looking for a historical double.

Like many other clubs, everything changed for them when there was a change of ownership. It was Rocco Comizo, a US telecommunications magnate, who bought the club. The American, originally from Calabria, has invested a large amount of money (despite the sales of Chiesa and Vlahovic…) and aspires to completely remake the club: a new stadium and a new sports centre. This, by the way, will be the largest in Europe.

Conference League (semi-finals, second leg): Basel 1-3 Fiorentina summary and goals

However, to get to the final, they did not have an easy way … And they had to overcome several qualifying rounds away from Florence: Braga, Sivasspor, Lech Poznań and Basel. The latter, with horror and a goal in the 128th minute to qualify.

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