Serie A: Juventus still does not raise its head: it has gone five games in a row without a win

theto Juventus He continues his own season of forgetfulness with a disastrous streak that has him winless in his last five games. competitor Seville In the semi-finals of the Europa League, in fact, they will currently be in second place in the league, eight points behind Naples If they had won their league matches in April, defeats were a thousand for Allegri’s men: they beat Hellas. Verona On the first of April, and from there, disaster: three successive failures (Lazio, Sassuolo and Napoli) and a draw with Bologna that keeps them in third place, just three points behind fifth place Milan.

In fact, since his 15 points were reinstated due to a suspension on April 20, the Juventus He still does not know victory: he fell before Naples That round was followed by elimination in the cup against Inter so as not to exceed a tie at a later time against Bologna in the last round of the league.

Juventus players, after losing in the semi-finals of the cup to Inter

Juventus players, after losing in the semi-finals of the cup to InterMatteo PazziEFE

Those five consecutive matches without a win occurred in three competitions: League, Cup and European League, where Allegri’s side managed to qualify for the semi-finals despite a draw in Lisbon against Sporting CP. Without a choice in the cup or in the Italian league, the Vicia Signora The European League has been tasked with achieving a metal game this season.

This is even the situation in Turin Allegri And he was satisfied with the draw with Bologna, his fifth match without a win: “There were decisive changes in the team, we would have lost this match a week ago.”

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competitor Sevilla in the European League He still didn’t raise his head.

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