Serie A: Dart Ibrahimovic to Guardiola: “I hope Haaland does not hinder his arrogance”

Ibrahimovic continues his recovery process of the left knee cruciate ligament operation for which he must return to the field at the beginning of 2023. The Swedish striker, in Interview with Canal PlusGuardiola attacked againwho already had his pros and cons during his time at Barcelona.

Ibrahimovic He started by praising Haaland: “I really like itHe is a very smart player and does not do things that are not within his reach. He doesn’t come down to play the ball, he waits in front of the goal and scores goals. It reminds me of players like Inzaghi, Trezeguet and Vieri. In fact, it is a new version of the three.”

However, the words of the Swede with arrows went to Guardiola: If Guardiola will be able to improve it? Depends on your ego. If he allows himself to be older than him or not. He did not allow me and did not allow others.”

He thinks Mbappe hasn’t done his best to stay at PSG

Ibra did not hesitate to give his opinion on Mbappe’s decision to stay at Paris Saint-Germain, and believes that it was not the best thing for the French player. “If Mbappe is right to stay in Paris? For whom? No. For Paris Saint-Germain maybe yes. He put himself in the most important position of the club and the club gave him the keys to everything.”

And the veteran striker did not hesitate to criticize Mbappe’s entourage as well: “You will never be bigger than your club, but… When the child becomes strong, he can easily generate income. So their parents become lawyers, agents, coaches… This is the problem, and when that happens you lose control of yourself and your identity. With this new generation, parents believe that they have become stars, and also speak in the newspapers. But… who do you think you are?

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He also strongly criticized in his interview with “Canal Plus” the press for being attacked by him He praised Benzema years ago: “Now that it’s the Ballon d’Or, what do the journalists say? During the World Cup in Russia, I said that Benzema deserved to be in the national team, but the French journalists attacked me. They attacked me because France won the World Cup, Now that they’ve won the Ballon d’Or, I’d like to know what they say”.

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