Serie A: ‘Annus Horribilis’ for Pogba: Farewell to Sevilla…and on to the season

YouAfter yesterday’s injury against Cremonese, Paul Pogba was at J-Medica this morning to undergo medical tests.He talks about the diagnosis issued by Juventus this Monday “Mild rectus femoris injury of the left thigh.” Although the club is not talking about recovery time, everything indicates that the season is over for the Frenchman.

Yesterday, coach Max Allegri expressed in a press conference his concern about the Frenchman’s season: “Is the season over for him? I think so.”

Against the Lombards, we saw Pogba very impressed after his injury. helpless. He left crying and applause from the stands and his teammates. He is facing the most challenging year of his career on a physical level.

Pogba collapses after being hit by Cremonese.

Pogba collapses after being hit by Cremonese.

And while the match against Cremonese was initially good news, it ended in drama. Pogba returned to the title 390 days after the last (the first in his second spell with Juventus), but he barely lasted 22 minutes on the pitch. before he hurt himself. He has only played 163 official minutes this season due to injuries.

Recall that the Frenchman injured his knee in the summer, in the first pre-season friendly match. He didn’t want to undergo surgery to be in Qatar 2022 but in the end he had to. Since then (I came back at the end of January) he has had several muscular problems that have stopped his comeback.

We’re all sorry, Pogba was doing really well too. He made many sacrifices

Juventus coach Max Allegri

“We’re all sorry, he was fine too. He made a lot of sacrifices, I’m sorry. Paul’s a man now, he’s got broad shoulders to be able to overcome this injury as well.”Allegri announced after the match against Cremonese.

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Pogba in the Seville match.

Pogba in the Seville match.

Pogba is beginning to see the light

This is also a severe injury: Paul Pogba is starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. If Gatti let go an assist against Sevilla in the last match, he’d already played four matches in a row … even though they were all substitutes.

From the bench he made good sensations, improved at Juventus and looked more harmonious. Even Allegri praised him: “When the match goes to the opposite field, it becomes a strong point, and it has made an important contribution,” he declared after the match with Sevilla in the Europa League.

When the game goes to the opposite field, Pogba becomes a strong point

Juventus coach Max Allegri

Now, however, Pogba has to reset. starting from nothing. Think 2023/24. Pre-season will be essential to understanding which Pogba we will see next year.

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