Security guard, Neo-Nazi ideas and Suprematists, Weapons…

He pulled his silver car into the parking lot of the Allen Premium Outlets Mall in suburban Dallas, Texas. He got out of the car armed with an assault rifle and unleashed hell around him in the middle of rush hour. Eight people, including children, were killed and seven others were injured. The shooter himself was “killed” by a police officer who was at the scene in another case.

Hours after the massacre, the authorities gave a face and a name to this man, armed to the teeth, wearing an armored vest, tactical uniform and charges strapped to his chest: Mauricio Garcia33 years old, residing in Dallas.

The investigation is progressing slowly, but the US authorities and media are already beginning to push some elements.

The police searched two places in connection with the case that, according to various reports, would be García’s parents’ home and a hotel.

In the same way, the researchers, by tracking their behavior on social networks, found a large number of comments sympathetic to supremacy, neo-Nazi ideas, and extremist violence.

This would match the patch García wore on his ‘fighting uniform’ with the letters RWDS, which is believed to belong to the Rigth Wing Death Squadron (something like right-wing death squad, in Spanish), some kind of militia or neo-Nazi group depending on Some information.

Former security guard with training

García worked as a security guard, with all permits until 2020, when his license expired for reasons that remain unknown. At that point, working for three different companies, he received various firearms training.

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At the time of his downfall, Garcia was carrying an AR-15 assault rifle — President Biden confirmed — a handgun and a huge amount of ammunition. According to various media, there were more weapons in the car.

For now, the police are working with the main hypothesis that Mauricio García acted alone in the Allen massacre.

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