Secret Lists of Book Sales: Perez Refferty’s New War Against La Vecina Rubia

What books are bought the most in Spain? The data is usually confidential, but EL PERIDICO DE ESPAÑA had access to Two great lists mapping out the best sellers in our country. one makes it Sigal, the Spanish Federation of Booksellers’ Unions and Associations, which includes 1,100 bookshops from across the country and compiles a weekly list based on data provided by the bookstores themselves and Todostusliobros.com. The second list of counselor GfKwhich also presents the top 100 books of the week based on books sold at department stores, chains, and some independent bookstores, as well as including cumulative sales for 2022. This newspaper gained access to GfK’s list, which reflects sales through October 9, when the Almudena novel had not yet arrived. Grandis posthumously returns to bookstores, and Segal’s first novel was the week of October 17-23.

According to data from the consulting firm GfK, between January and May 2022, Department stores and chains account for 52% of book sales in Spain and 42% for traditional bookstores, And leave the remaining 6% to the Hypers. Spain has a total of 2,977 libraries, but their weight in the book trade varies by society. In Catalonia (which accounts for 22% of book sales in the country), 55% of books are sold in bookstores and 42% in chains. In the Community of Madrid, this percentage is reflected: 64% of books are sold in chains and supermarkets, and 30% in bookstores.

Don’t buy the same type of books at the supermarket as you would at a neighborhood bookstore. So The two lists offer some differences on the best-selling podium. The Categories It looks like this: According to Segal, the ten bestsellers of the past week are those by Almudena Grandes, Juan Gomez-Jurado, Arturo Pérez-Reverte, Carmen Mola, Victoria Martin, Santiago Lorenzo, La Vecina Robbia and Lorenzo Silva. and Marián Rojas Estapé. GfK’s literary weekly list tops in the following order: La Vecina Rubia and Pérez-Reverte (the first almost doubles the second), Carmen Mola, Lorenzo Silva, Ildefonso Falcones, Santiago Lorenzo, Andrea Camilleri, Albert Espinosa and Sandra Barnida. Far from bestselling authors, here’s the thing Radiograph of the book in our country. Ten notes on the books that Spaniards buy, numbers on hand.

Women read more than men: 70% of Hispanic women do it regularly, compared to 59% of men. Women writers are also the most read In Our Country: Six of the ten bestsellers so far this year were written by women. Eva Garcia Sainz de Ortori 139,398 copies of . have been sold Black Book of Hours; Isabel Allende 121,580 from Violet; All these things I will tell you tomorrow From Elizabeth Benavent accumulate 103114; The danger of being sane From Rose Montero 53,082 copies; Wish Map From Alice Killeen 47324 Megan Maxwell Sold 44,396 copies of And if we try it .

Classics follow their own dynamics. The Post-truth winds That shook us and caused Trump’s victory to increase sales George Orwell In the United States, the effect seems to have arrived here: He is the absolute leader of this list, with 1984 In the first 1 of the cumulative copies (265 thousand) and Rebellion on the farm In the sixteenth (134 thousand). Plus Feminist, in addition to schoolis the batch that moved for some time to recover Carmen Lafort. Two editions of him from Which They add up to 91 thousand copies. diamond painting Written by Mercè Rodoreda has the honor of being the only Catalan title on the list, with a backlog of 63,000 copies. an actQuixote? Neither it is nor expected.

triple force Carmen Mola can not be answered. His latest title and fourth in the epic gypsy brideAnd the moms, just published, is the third bestseller of the week on GfK’s list, with nearly 10,000 copies in seven days and 30,000 copies backlogged. All his Top 100 Weekly titles: Leadership Planet Prize the monster (Accumulated 235 thousand copies), followed by gypsy bride 1 (147 thousand), gypsy bride 1 In the pocket edition (88 thousand), gypsy bride 2 (62000), gypsy bride 3 (57 thousand) the case of the first three novels (32 thousand), the monster In the pocket (12 thousand) and another pocket edition of gypsy bride that just came out (2000). In total, a whopping 665,000 copies were sold. And in the duel between the groups you publish, random 418 thousand vs. Planet 247 thousand.

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The sane From Yuval Noah Harari It is this type of reasonably literate and easy-to-read article that fulfills two primary functions of a writer: Satisfy human infinite curiosity And exercise is the perfect birthday gift that always looks great. The same ones that came later for cover Irene Vallejo also Arsuaga and Miles. Eight years after its release, the paperback version of sane It’s still among the top five bestsellers, with a cumulative since it came out close to 400,000 copies, and its recently launched paperback edition has also crept into the top 100.

Spiritual Leader and M. It is the list

Although unknown to many, Eckhart Tolle He is considered one of the most important spiritual guides on the planet. Discover the Canadian-born German author, after going through a series of severe depressions and periods of living as a homeless in his youth. force nowTo realize the present to escape from the noise and problems of the world and the soul. This address, a Self-help skill which mixes Hinduism, Buddhism, Sufism and Christianity, Leads accumulated from this list (548 thousand copies) and it’s still selling like hot cakes 25 years later: at the moment, it’s ninth in non-fiction. spoilers: no longer sleeps on the benches.

mental health pull

The danger of being sane From Rose Montero It ranks sixth on the GfK list and over 53,000 copies sold attest to the importance that mental health has also gained in the literature. Other first-person testimonials about mental illness that have become Best seller be: In the event that the voices return From Angel Martin (Published 2021, 194,185 copies sold so far) or Bipolar and great honor From Javier Martin (15,272 copies).

Woody Allen, canceled?

These seem to be tough times for Spain’s “cancellation culture,” the specter of a new detective that many see from behind any curtain. the proof? that one of his theoretical victims, Woody AllenShe crept into bestseller lists the size of her short stories Weightlessness. In the GfK list, there is a file 4th best selling title of the week In non-fiction, ix in general. Allen isn’t published halfway around the world anymore, but it’s still funny enough to sell nearly 1,800 books a week.

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La Vecina Robbia’s latest book is titled Count the sunset (not where, it’s with whom) and head classification From the GfK list with 25,581 copies sold since its release on October 5. Networks attracted this spelling fan who had virtual logos with John Kortagarina s Miguel Angel Silvestre Comes from afar: from his first book, Countdown to summerPublished a year ago, 172,316 copies were sold. He has over a million followers on Twitterand 1.3 million on Facebook and 2.8 on Instagram. It also launched a clothing and footwear line with Bimani And another pajamas with it It is secret.

Soap and water phenomenon

Precision seal Newfoundland Published in 2021 print one of 1,000 copies of this great article From Marta Di Rizzo About elegance and style. Anagrams Reprinted in June in paperback, Word of the Day made it the fifth best-selling non-fiction book published in 2022, with nearly 14,000 copies. Written little gem of scholarship and enthusiasm On topics as diverse as Rastro, Wagner’s Venice, Cheesy and campOr Ricardo Bofill, Public Libraries, or Josep Pla.

Three Catholic-themed titles make it to our bestselling non-fiction book list. Jesus is Lordcatechism of Spanish Bishops Conference, It ranks 16th in a list that also includes jesus feast s I believe in Jesus 2above other titles that also respond to a dynamic search, such as Reflections From Marcus Aurelius or else Byung-chul han. Jesus is Lord It’s the eighth best-selling title in bookstores across Spain this week, according to Cegal.

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