Secret Flower | The treasure, which was gifted to Pedro Almodóvar and sold for 500 euros

It’s 1995. A woman walks down Calle Preciados and stops almost at the height of the Plaza de Callao to look into the window of a fanac shop. There is a copy of an anthology of a writer I had never heard of before. Amanda Gray. The cover of this hardback book catches your eye: a female hand adorned with a diamond bracelet and a ring holding a delicate rose, in front of a blue sky with clouds and other flowers of the same kind. “Amanda Grace,” in gold, and “Anthology” in pink They are the only clues this curious woman can follow to understand what is going on.

Go to the store and order the book. They gave it to him, and when he opened it, he found two semi-sensational illustrations on the end sheets, and the page containing the details of the print and its printing, as well as a dedication. “Thank you for opening this book. As you can see, beyond this page, nothing is written. You have in your hands the narrative of your life and only you can write that. I know I can’t force you, but I will do the same as you to buy it. In case it helps you decide, The book was used as props in my movie “The Flower of My Secret”.It is made of environmental paper and very heavy weight.Anyway, Throw a kiss on the mouth (maybe a black kiss), a hug, a handshake, or whatever you feel most like Pedro AlmodovarThe book is complete with blank sheets and the titles of Amanda Grace’s works edited by Fascinación on the back cover, among them, Abdul is incompetentAnd I agree to your wishes also Married and drag queen.

The woman does not understand anything, but decides to invest 1000 pesetas in the odd sample. Five times less than what the hero of the 1995 film, Leo Macías, played by Marisa Paredes, paid the drug-addicted son of her editor for trying to take some socks from her in Los Carros Square. If the woman who entered the Fnac shop in Callao was real, she could now sell this gem modovariana for hundreds of euros. The only two copies currently appearing for sale are sold on Wallapop For 499 and 550 euros. From the Manchego cast of directors they recall that about a thousand copies of Amanda Grace’s anthology, “Full Pallet,” were printed, the same one that carried the second edition of that book into the movie.

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“These books have been given away,” they say, but they don’t remember who, because “we don’t keep a list of them.” Another 300 copies are on sale at Fnac, according to an article in Fnac Country of time. “The rest are deposited in our offices,” they insist. Practically no one understood why these books were put up for sale or why a 38-meter-high by 9-meter-wide banner promoting the book, which can be seen in the film, is displayed in the house of the character played by Juan Ishanov. Pedro Almodóvar himself had to explain this: “This is promotional material from my movie sri flower. Amanda Grace is the alias of the protagonist Leo,” he revealed as the team prepared to shoot a scene.

Journalist and podcaster Enrique Aparicio He keeps one at home, among hundreds of books and other collectibles. “It may very well say that I knew this existed and that I had been looking for it for years, but it is not true. For me it was a surprise that they had amended Amanda Gray Anthology And when I figured it out, I went like a tarantula looking in all the usual places to see if it was there. “And he found it, though he had to bargain.” in the beginning , They had 250 euros and I got it for less than half“, identify.

“The next one will sell more expensive.”

The “Cheap Tastes” collector, who has paintings by Ocana, a portrait of Raphael and a poster of Sarah Montell hanging on his walls, epitomizes “grace” [de que pusieran el libro a la venta] It was that they were not notified.” They had to shoot scenes from the movie at Fnac in Callao, They set up the whole set, they edited the book, because they really needed it for props, and since it was going to be there, they sold it.. I think he’s a genius.”

Since Aparicio posted a video on his social networks announcing the existence of this treasure from Almodóvar’s world, he writes, “a lot of people telling me they have this in search and capture,” and he’s betting on it because “Next sells for more than I bought it for.”. “Talking about these things drives up their prices and eventually I realize I’m making it harder for whoever comes next, but collecting works like this: things are worth what someone is willing to pay for them. I think there are a lot of people out there who are willing to pay a lot of money.” For this thing, and when Almodóvar dies, I hope, many years from now, zero will be added to everything,” says this journalist, who prefers not to reveal how he acquired his anthology Amanda Gray.

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He keeps his copy in the space on the shelf in his living room reserved for the director from La Mancha, who “wasn’t born with much commerceof his films. I am not so attached to things that they bury me like pharaohs and I can sell them, if I find myself in a hurry, though it will cost me because I am a mythomaniac, and as we say in my town of La Mancha, I really like having thispoints out Enrique Aparicio, who boasts other relics such as VHS porn of Carmen de Mairena, “that stopped spinning”, or action puppets golden girls that was sent to you from the United States.

sri flower next to Back And What did I do to deserve this, one of this journalist’s favorite films, in part because it’s “very Manchegan and that appeals to me a lot.” “Chos Lampreve to Marisa Paredes ‘I’ve been thinking about it,’ is how my mother used to say it to me. Or ‘You’re like a cow without a bell.’ I’ve heard it in my house all my life,” admits Enrique Aparicio, who considers this movie set as “Almodóvar’s most famous masterpiece.

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