Second hand boomerang: These are the seven sexiest clothing items, according to Vinted and Wallapop

used clothes are very fashionable, Inflation is also driving this trend. They say so Market studies And the latest moves of large textile chains such as Zara, which since last Friday have committed themselves to sustainability and the circular economy by launching a platform – for now, in the UK, but with a view to expanding to other markets – (Used Zara) that will provide the possibility of resale, repair and donation of used clothing from the giant Inditex. But not only that, but also 080 Barcelona Fashion, the Catalan Fashion Week, has just joined the “upcycling” bandwagon With a recently released initiative, in its last edition, which took place at the end of October, a new parade (Reborn) was ignited with 100% used clothes.

This trend towards the used materials market is growing like foam, especially among Millennials and Generation Z users.those who are more aware of a problem Environmental pollution and overproduction of textilestwo of the fashion industry’s greatest demons.

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The 2022 Resale Report confirms that it is expected to be The used fashion market is growing 127% through 2026meaning that more and more “Fashioners” will turn to second-hand as one of the first purchase options. On the other hand, the study Consumer Trends 2022produced by Samy Alliance, expects it By 2030, second-hand fashion sales could double that of fast fashion. Finally, a study German Internet Bank N26 On fashion consumption in Spain also confirms that Thrift store boom The consolidation continues: in the spring, the number of purchases in these companies doubled compared to the previous year. Specifically, there was a peak in May 2022, the month when the number of purchases in second-hand clothing stores doubled (107.37% growth) compared to May 2021. In addition, The average amount paid is also higher: it increased by 13.13%, to €48.

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📌 On the red carpet and beyond

Spanish “celebrity” fashion designer and stylist, Victoria Nogales, doesn’t support “fast fashion” consumption, and is happy to see that second-hand clothes are on the rise: “I think it’s great that second-hand stores like Vinted are growing, because they give a second life to clothes with someone else.” The fashion guru is one of those who leads by example, because at the recent Venice Film Festival she justified the use of “classic” costumes: “I used a Dior dress from the 90s by Galliano that was lent to me by a Vestier Collective user, a luxury thrift store, I thought it was gorgeous Because we were able to support Sustainable fashion on the red carpetas haute couture dresses are often worn for occasions never to be worn again.

Likewise, the N26 study, conducted using data from 70,000 Spaniards, confirms this Chiller It is the leading used clothing sales platform. The giant follows Wallop.

According to the data analyzed by these two online stores, fashion trends are also reflected in users’ searches and purchases.

This is the robot’s picture of the “vintage” locker.

oversized (the bigger, the better)The XXL “look” continues to triumph for another season. Which is when the 90s came back and the 80s came along with shoulder padsMuch Shirts, such as long shirts, jackets, and coats Loose silhouettes will be in fashion this winter. Vinted has about 20,500 items labeled “oversized”, but to filter through all of them, some keywords are: “maxi jacket, maxi skirt, oversized shirt, oversized shirt”….and if you’re looking for coats, You can type “male coat” with the female filter. On Wallapop, in the past two months, searches for “motorcycle jackets and jackets, men’s jackets and leather jackets,” among other loose-fitting apparel, have increased.

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The bomber, a classic that is always aliveIn recent months, down jackets They have regained the position they had a few years ago. There is no “famous” without its detonatorFrom Kendall Jenner to Gigi Hadid. Although these classics have been around for more than a century, specifically since 1917, and were initially known as Practical pilot jacketthey are still The culmination of elegant clothing. Best, authentic treasures of design and tradition, found on used platforms. For example, Vinted has about 1.5 million ads for bombers, and it’s one of the most popular tags on the platform.

“Sleeveless Tops” (After Summer)Halfway between a skinny empire shirt and a crop top, the tank top model It remains one of the most popular searches, and after the summer months. They work to accompany “oversized” shirts, to combine with jackets, especially if they have a Perkins collar, and are also the perfect companion for sheer blouses or mesh “shirts”. On used platforms, they are searched like this: “asymmetrical, asymmetrical, baby shirt, baby shirt (adjust size filter). On Wallapop, the keywords are “crop top, athletic top, white top, party top.”

Cargo Pants (“Two Thousand”)Low rise pants Moccasins, crop tops and Cargo pants were a huge trend in the 2000s (Their top costars, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and “Friends” friends, Rachel, Monica and Phoebe). This garment is witnessing a new renaissance Beige, brown, green and black tones. If last season they entered high-waisted ensembles, this season we will see them also with Low height, the concept of “low altitude” very early in the century. To find this type of pants, simply type in the following filters: “Y2K, 2000, cargo skirts, cargo pants.” Over at Wallapop they say that “in the past two months, compared to the previous year, searches for cargo pants increased by 311%.”

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platform shoes

The platform shoes They not only add a few centimeters, but are exactly that thing that many “clothes” need. Major fashion houses pioneered this style, also adding an ankle bracelet that played a little with Biggie style who also returned to the catwalks. At Vinted there are real “vintage” jewellery. With the platform/platform shoes filter, you can find more than 3,000 articles.

Bright and bold coloursFollowing the trends of previous winters, bright and eye-catching colors They are preserved to make winter a happier season. As experts from the Pantone Color Institute note, this winter’s colors “embody our need to break free and embrace the joy of life with ultra-bright colors that express energy, elevate vitality, and celebrate life.” In any case, users of second-hand platforms keep looking for many references to black, white, neutral, and blue as well.

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Allowances (out of office)

In the past two months, compared to a year ago, searches for women’s suits are up 73% on Wallapop, with darker colors the most popular. Classic suits have lost their relevance in the business environment, overtaking “street style”. “Jackets” and pleated trousers are two pieces that cannot be lacking in the wardrobe, as they can be combined in a thousand ways. Monochrome, tweed or leather, any combination is valid. To find the best deals, keywords are “tweed jacket, checkered jacket and men’s trousers”.

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