seasonal fruits | Science reveals the secret of watermelon cracks

with the heat arrival And summer, one of the staples in every Spanish home is presence Very fresh watermelon Ready to be consumed. Eat this fruit in the summer is already approx Spanish tradition Can’t miss it every year. Either of dessert or snackA slice of watermelon always appeals.

Around this fruit were created different legendsSome of it true and some not so much. about him to express; reach to 95% consists of water. It’s because of that Many maintain that there are no limits when it comes to eating This fruit and others It does not provide a lot of nutrients to our diet because of its “bad” composition.

for every 100 grams hardly contain 20 caloriess, so your The glycemic index is very high. It absorbs sugars quickly due to its low fiber content. despite of It is not ideal if we want to lose weightIt is still a very healthy food.

Cheated about watermelon

One of the most well known nutrients is LycopeneWhat is this? Antioxidants that Gives a red colour Very characteristic of this fruit. Tomatoes also share this nutrient.

that it carotene what do you have The ability to reduce oxidative radical damage They tend to attack our system. very Useful in disease prevention work Cardiovascular disease and other non-communicable diseases or even cancer.

Out Other scams About this food as the one who confirms that it isIf the watermelon has cracks, it can explode. he Lawsuit is that they were Previously sprayed with carcinogenic pesticides These are piled up in the cracks.

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he explains chemical expert Jose Miguel Mollet what are you They lack boron Or he has problems installing his seeds. And This pesticide Carcinogenic substance – forclufenuron – used for increased growth. Dr..It is believed to be a carcinogen and is not used in watermelon. If not, then what is Use for kiwi leaves -in Europe- and it will never come to fruition.

This trick cracks, Mullett explains It originated from the idea of ​​some pictures received in China Where do I know They were looking at some exploding watermelons from the inside. the actual explanation Yet the framework is that they have used chemicals in this fruit. They said pesticides were used as an interface To charge against the use of these.

Although there are no cracks in that farce, Mullet explains that cracks can arise from rapid growth of “meat” of this fruit many times transcends the cortex.

Now you know what the origin of a watermelon with cracks inside is. These are completely safe to consume. despite of There are some Consumers and Users Organization Recommendations (OCU) who give advice on choosing the perfect watermelon.

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the The best products Of this fruit occur between Late May and early September. Usually they can be tested if we give them a little Small bumps and listen if it sounds hollow or not.

he color is another indicator can not be Not too pale, not too intense. It is easy to notice which ones are splitting if they are at their optimal point of maturity or not.

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