Sean Penn stumbles back into Cannes, now as an actor

he Cannes Film Festival You must respect Sean Penn with great respect.. It was clearly shown seven years ago, when he got angry at Americans – it didn’t fit in well with the bad press his film received I will say your name (2017) – motivated the festival’s organizers to introduce radical changes and harsh criticism in its workflow. And so The presence of the actor in the cast Black bugseven though he is in a minor role, seems to be the only plausible explanation for the feature film’s inclusion Among those aspiring this year to the Palme d’Or are his attempts to resemble Paul Schrader’s cinema with titles such as se7en And countless police dramas are stark and painful — for her, understandably — to compare with the results of those references.

The protagonist is not a law enforcement officer but wears a uniform, moving around in a vehicle with sirens on and confronting people who have been shot or destroyed by drugs. Once he first appears as a paramedic in New York City, he instantly becomes partnered with Ben’s character. both of them and most of those around them are tortured, humiliated and dusty people; And the succession of their health-care procedures are, invariably, pictures of depravity, filth and putrefaction, thanks in part to director Jean-Stéphane Sauveur’s decision to cut them into, say, a sheep boiled in a slaughterhouse.

Beware, his developments seem to be adorned with copious religious symbols: the young medic has a tunic with wings printed on the sleeves—his name is not Ángel but, instead, his last name is Cruz—, and Dialogues centering on heaven and hell abound. By the time Sauvaire offers alternative musings on the ethics of the profession and the perils of playing God in the narrative, the film’s effort to have us witness an exhibition of atrocities and its claims about spiritual depth have already reached parody levels.

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Cheap clothes

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Other films in competition presented today are like nothing Black bugsbut the world in which it occurs is also incredibly inhospitable. youth (spring)It is set, by the famous Chinese documentary filmmaker Wang Bing, in a textile industry center called Zhili City To think of the many hundreds of thousands of workers – mostly young men – who live crammed in among tons of cheap clothes and rubbish, in huge concrete blocks that are where they work 15 hours a day and also where they sleep in group rooms. Meanwhile, they have no access to free time or hardly any natural light.

Throughout the three and a half hours of footage, we see them joking, arguing, fighting, eating instant noodles, smoking nonstop, and above all discussing their poor pay conditions, The aim of the film remains clear at all times: to denounce a production system that disempowers those who support it. With that in mind, it’s a shame that Bing doesn’t give any of its characters the necessary entity to make them more than just anonymous characters.

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