Seafood is up over 40% on Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve dining and Christmas Eve dining will be more expensive than ever. This is how they warn OCU: price slugs 44% increased by 33.6% from barnacles20.7% of bream and 12.2% of hakeAccording to data released by the “OCU Christmas Food Price Observatory,” which published its third cycle on Friday. In total, 12 of the 16 products analyzed by this consumer organization are up these days.

On the falling side, prices of traditional fruits and vegetables such as Pineapple and pomegranate (-5.2%) as well as other products such as cooked prawns (-4.5%) bollard (-3.1%). On average, according to OCU estimates, the products that make up the Christmas basket increased by an average of 8.2% compared to November, and also 4.2% if we take the same date as a reference a year ago.

In any case, they indicated from the OCU, most of the products have already regained pre-covid (2018-2019) prices although the situation is more serious in the case of five out of the 16 products in the OCU basket: Lamb, polenta, turkey, red cabbage and clam chowder They have the highest prices since 2015 when implementation of this observatory began. On the meat side, the highs Important Iberian taste (+10%), cDemand (+3.8%)the Turkey (+3.8%) and the round of beef (+ 1.5%).

This consumer organization explained that in the past year the largest price increases have been concentrated before the Constitution Bridge. On this occasion, behavior more similar to what happened before the return of the epidemic. According to his estimates, in recent days, the prices of The analyzed products recorded an increase of 5.3% in the past daysEspecially in the chapter on shellfish and fish.

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advance purchases?

From OCU they draw on 7 years of experience from the observatory and check out some of the fish and shellfish Prices tend to skyrocket just before the holiday, as do meat Where vegetables maintain greater stability. For example, if you want to taste the wonderful bream, it is recommended to buy it in advance. A possible replacement, they say, could be sea bass.

In the case of lamb or veal, there are price increases on Christmas Eve, although the same does not apply to poultry (turkey, pollarda …). OCU says buying in advance and freezing may not be worth it depending on the situation.

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