Scandal in Brazil regarding the marriage of a 65-year-old mayor to a teenager

A suspicious marriage in Brazil. Last April, the mayor of the city of Araucaria married B 16-year-old teenager And the next day, he appointed his new mother-in-law Minister of Culture and Tourism. Although marriage at these ages is common in many regions of this country, the Brazilian Public Prosecutor’s Office is investigating Hossam Hussein Al-Dahini, 65, on charges of nepotism.

The civil marriage took place one day after the minor, who was a teenage beauty queen of the city, had reached 16, the age at which the marriage could be formalized if given the prior consent of her parents.

The town’s Official Gazette published the day after the linkage, the decree according to which the mayor appointed his new mother-in-law, Minister of Culture and Tourism, with a salary of about $4,200s per month. Until then, her mother-in-law was an official in the Ministry of Education with a much lower salary.

political scandal

Although the marriage in this case was legal, it sparked a strong debate in Brazil over child marriage. ha According to the United Nations, approximately 26 percent of women in this country live with a partner before the age of 18, including 6 percent who marry before the age of 15.

The case also created a political scandal in the city because she was the vice-mayor of Araucaria herself, Hilda Lukalski SimaHe, as the head of the city’s civil registry, made the marriage official. Both were elected in 2016 and re-elected in 2020 by a coalition of conservative parties.

This is not the first time the mayor has been involved in a similar scandal. During his previous term in office, in 2010, Al-Dahini granted public office to his then-wife, two of his daughters and a son-in-law, who at the time were the subject of an investigation that ended up being shelved.

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