Say goodbye to TV with Lidl fashion element

Lidl is a company supermarkets Which not only stands out for its excellence money value In food products, it also has Other sections he attaches great importance to In which very interesting products are presented to customers, such as the section technology products. In this particular section, he got a file The product that will turn off the TV. We tell you what it is.

He who never dreamed of getting cinema screen. This is the dream of many people and Lidl comes to realize it with this expensive product less than 250 euros At first glance, this may seem like a high price, but not when compared to a TV medium high group.

The product that Lidl offers for sale is a projector for installing the cinema in your home, as well as a high-quality brand such as Philips. The specific model is New Pics Ultra 2 NPX642which costs 249.99 euros and has Various functionsLike built-in apps and internet connection.

Product details

Among its features Possibility to offer a screen up to 65 inches And copy them through Wifi or Airplay. the decision 1080p It has digital zoom and rotation function. Also highlights the great Autonomy, more than 20000 hours.

As for its weight, it is just over a kilo and Measures 22 x 17 x 9 cm (Discounted volume for the respective product). It is manufactured in plastic.

It should also be noted that it contains a file 2 years warranty.

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