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It’s an everyday sight as scary as it gets. The citizen makes an appointment to obtain a digital certificate, but the earliest appointment can be made two days or two weeks later, depending on the place of residence. These waiting times seem normal for public administration, but they are completely outdated in the midst of the digital age.

Technology has changed the way humans communicate. Thus, the relationship with public administration is not (should not be) an exception. In fact, more and more actions can only be done online. To implement it, it is necessary to obtain a digital certificate, which was previously only possible through the National Currency and Stamp Factory (FNMT) through a long and almost always complex process.

The regulation changed everything, just two years ago: the publication of May 6th Order ETD 465/2021 regulating remote video identification methods for issuing these digital certificates. By making it possible to obtain a digital certificate in a 100% online process, Bewor Tech is one of the few entities in Spain authorized to reduce waiting times face-to-face. I have created, a unique platform with these characteristics and a pioneer in our country.

The digital certificate, the key to the “online” relationship with the administration

A digital certificate is a digital file that is installed in a browser or on a device and that secures a user’s identity on a network. It would be to show the DNI in person and thus allow you to carry out the procedures online with almost all public bodies.

Thanks to this personal and non-transferable file, the citizen can access the electronic offices of the institutions, from the town hall to the ministry, to sign documents, amend data, or submit applications without the need to travel or set an appointment.

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Bewor Tech provides the solution

Spanish digital identity specialist Bewor Tech has launched a solution to significantly reduce waiting time in the process of obtaining a digital certificate. Through the web allows any user to download their digital certificate from home or from work in just half an hour and 100% Connected And security. In addition, the company offers a technical support service that helps users install their certificate and start using it in electronic offices.

“Our mission is to provide attention and information to users,” says Sandra Bolivar, support technician at And he concludes, “We help them download and install, and if the customer needs it, to carry out the process in the various electronic offices of public administrations.”

Part of the Bewor Tech development team.  The company is on the list of trusted electronic service providers, as an entity authorized to issue the digital certificate in Europe.
Part of the Bewor Tech development team. The company is on the list of trusted electronic service providers, as an entity authorized to issue the digital certificate in Europe.

Reliability and security

In just a few months, has issued tens of thousands of digital certificates, which are highly appreciated by their customers, as evidenced by the many positive reviews on Google. Some examples: “If you don’t have time to travel, don’t even think about it.” The best thing is that you can get certified Connected And do not wander from place to place.” “Much easier than having to do it for public administration.”

The speed may raise some concerns for those who think they can trust more window management. But effectiveness does not conflict with safety or validity. Quite the opposite. A digital certificate issued by Bewor Tech has the same validity as a certificate issued by Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre. Both are certification bodies, according to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation. Bewor Tech is included in the list of companies that provide reliable electronic services, as an entity authorized to issue the digital certificate in Europe.

Simple and guided operation at all times

It is easy to see if this process is really that simple. All you have to do is register on the website. At the moment, it starts selecting the video. The system recognizes the user’s face, and it is enough to show the ID card from the front and back to the camera and verify the authenticity of the phone using a code. After a few minutes, an email is received informing you that the process is ready and that the payment has been completed. In a second email, you receive the certificate for download.

At €14.95 per year, it is possible to save time and travel, especially when time is tight to submit an application or make a last-minute payment at the General Administration.

As if that were not enough, all users have access to a platform that has collected more than 1,000 e-offices in Spain and the European Union to speed up the procedures. For example, registering, requesting benefits, working life advice or obtaining the European Health Card, among many others. is reliable evidence that the digitization of public administration in Spain is progressing by leaps and bounds, bringing it closer to citizens in an environment Connected Safe for your data and digital identity.

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