Savings and good product | Pork “Gran Reserva” reaches all pockets thanks to Mercadona

Hyperinflation, energy and fuel prices or a generally rising standard of living are among the biggest evils that have plagued the Spanish economy in recent months. This situation has led many families to cut their budget in the supermarket or so Depriving yourself of some of your favorite products or brands.

In this context, many supermarkets have chosenr lending a helping hand to family economics Promote savings campaigns or play with the prices of some of their best-selling products. In the Mercadona case, one of the bets in favor of Spanish families was to bet on one of our gastronomy’s most important products: serrano ham.

Machine cut gran reserva pork

Mercadona’s machine-packed, vacuum-packed Gran Reserva ham is €22 per kilogram and sold in a 120-gram container for €2.64: an affordable design designed so that all families who want to sample this delicacy of Spanish tables can do without their pockets suffering.

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