Saqi Balbuli | David Segas: “Alcohol took over me. I wasn’t leading my life: I was just the co-pilot. I became the king of disguises”

“I’ve never drunk a bottle of my own came“. David Seijas searches for wine, sells wine, lives wine, but doesn’t drink it.

David is an alcoholic. And

David Segas Villa (Seva, 1980) He has a winemaking career with gallons: He was the head sommelier at El Bulli with his soul mate, Ferran Sentellisand direct chicken skin“non-bodega”, company Guillem Sanz. “Gallina de Piel is a ‘common business’. We work in different regions of Spain, with different families, with people who know more about each place than we do,” he explains.

They travel, choose, buy and share. The first vintage was a 2016 model, which went on sale in 2018. David had his last drink “on September 26, 2017”. He remembers it accurately. It’s the days in red, blue or green: the days you never forget.

At the table of Voracious Restaurant, at Barcelona Edition Hotelwhose bottle list begins to advise, the first labels marketed, although current models are used: Manar dos Seixas 2021 (Ribera) and Rock of the Crit 2020 (empurda). He did not drink it in 2018 or 2023. The difference between the past and the present is that he is able to savor it. Without swallowing in front, the spittoon, an essential working tool.

“It’s been five years since I stopped drinking. But this is the first year I’ve been fine.” There was another defining moment in the 2017 renaissance: Father Tony’s death. “There is an image that cannot be erased from my head: my father is in a wheelchair and my son, Paul, is taking his first steps..

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that end. That’s the beginning.

It was Tony’s death that made him correct the wrong course.

There has been a failed attempt before. Again, another red, blue or green date, El Bulli closing in July 2011. “It was last season and I decided to go to a psychiatrist and stop. In fact, it was two seasons in one. He drank a lot, went out a lot. Polly lived sleeping in the roses.” wine, champagne and mixed drinks, Cocaine.

Sleep less, eat less, shiver, a certain kind of agoraphobia. “I found out I couldn’t finish the season. For me it was a very dangerous thing. We didn’t play: maximum respect for what we were doing. I explained to them that in the remaining four or five months, I wouldn’t do flair.”

Because of alcohol? “I always wanted to have a good time. My head would get to a thousand, and slow down the alcohol. I thought I was doing it because of stress, because of demand… I got it with the psychiatrist, with the medication. Six months after closing the poly, I came back.” Open large bottles with pals, and visit wineries. life fun. “I loved it, and it was well seen.” Here is a key: “It is well visible.” A visually unstoppable descent began. Today it weighs 77 kilograms. Then it hit 94.

“Alcohol took control of me. I wasn’t leading my life: I was just the co-pilot. I became the king of disguises, and knew who I could drink with and who I couldn’t. He knew which gas stations sold the cheapest beer and vomited to drink more: “I spent more than I made.” Today, he stops again at gas stations on the despondent path: “But to meditate.” Four Pillars: Sport, Meditation, and Music (“I play on the guitar”) and therapy.

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and “although, despite …”. With everything against it, a chicken knife. For his wife, for his son, for his mother, for the father he had just said goodbye to. By himself. That company was what he had always wanted. But how do you indulge in wine without getting drunk?He went back to the psychiatrist’s office, then completed alone, then sought other help,”A different look “,” processor “,” graphic processor “. He has found “his” system and does not proselytize, Don’t try to persuade, just say: “I love wine, gastronomy, I don’t know how to do anything else. If I change my profession, alcohol wins. And I want to tell the scene, the person, the area. Everything except alcohol.

He stopped hiding, and went out again, to socialize, to have dinner. At the time of adaptation to the new life, the complicity was – again – of Ferran Senteles, with whom he exchanged glasses when tasting commercials so that he would not have to explain. Prepare a book that tells all of thisbut not only that, but also the love of his work.

Other colleagues in your position: They called him, they also want to know, they also want out.

I drink a cup of Crete rockwho demonstrates Anna Espelt Grapes are, in part, from an estate More mares, in Cap de Creus. It is a very important place for David, a kind of sanctuary: Crossed it a thousand times on the way to El Bulli and the accordion route.

I drink Roca del Crete with pleasure and David spits it out, spits out a lot, an exaggeration.

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-There is no other choice. I now ask for a spittoon when I go to a restaurant.

On all tables, a spittoon.

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